The Great Christmas Exchange


I love the giving spirit of Christmas but what amazes me most is how the hustle and bustle doesn’t end on Christmas Day. The malls will be jam packed on December 26th with thousands of people wanting to exchange that “perfect” gift.

I don’t like shopping or going to the malls but what I don’t like even more is having something that I can’t use or don’t like. It’s a waste to me. So I’m happy to exchange my useless gift for a more desirable one.

And it got me thinking; God makes exchanges too.

Are You Waiting on God, Or Is He Waiting On You?


No one likes waiting. We want what we want and we want it now. Yet as Christians we are constantly reminded to wait on God. It’s easy to say, but can be very difficult to actually do.

Waiting on God can be painful and the longer it takes, the worse it gets—you pray, you cry, you wait. Then you cry, pray and wait some more. But what if God is waiting on you?

God is a perfect gentleman. He will never force you in any way. If He’s not moving in an area of your life it may be because He’s giving you the opportunity to grow.

God’s ways are far above our ways. His thoughts are far above our thoughts (Isaiah 55:8). So if what you’re hoping for isn’t happening, it may be a sign that God is actually waiting on you.

Here are five signs that God is waiting for you to change before He delivers the things you’re praying for:

15 Self Limiting Beliefs Christians Entertain Everyday


If you found out that your friend or neighbor was spreading lies about you, you would be furious, right? But the truth is you likely spend more time and energy trying to dispel lies that others tell than you do the lies you tell yourself.

That’s because these lies—which take the form of self-limiting beliefs—are hidden. They hide in the deepest crevices of your mind, and their one mission is to distort truth.

The most important thing to know about self-limiting beliefs is that they are lies. If you aren’t filled with joy, peace and hope, you are likely buying into a lie and the lie is likely coming from your own mind.

The good news is that the same mind that puts out that self-limiting belief has the power to change that belief.

In my business and in my life, I have found that the same common self-limiting beliefs show up again and again in people of all kinds of backgrounds and temperaments. I’ve listed the 15 most common self-limiting beliefs, and the truth you can use to destroy them.

I Hate You…But Will Never Admit it


Are You a Hater? How to Tell, and How to Change

When you find yourself constantly thinking something derogatory about someone else, watch out—you have hatred brewing in your heart.

Just like weeds growing in your garden need to be pulled right away before they choke out all the pretty flowers, hatred needs to be spotted and eradicated before it crowds out all your inner beauty.

How do you know if you have a hatred problem?

Ask yourself these questions: