toxic mother

5 Signs Your Mother is Toxic

Let’s face it, the mother-daughter relationship is complicated. Most women’s relationships with their moms aren’t picture perfect. But don’t use that simple fact as an excuse to tolerate a relationship with a toxic mother that is hurting you.


When the very relationship that should nurture you the most is causing you pain and confusion, the effects run deep. A relationship with a toxic mother is a surefire way to lessen your self-confidence and your trust in others.

married but feel single

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day When You’re Married But Feel Single

Valentine’s Day is for sweethearts, but what happens when the thought of celebrating Valentine’s Day conjures up more disappointment than it does romance? Maybe you’re like many of the women in my counseling practice who are married but feel single and alone. In that case, the thought of Valentine’s Day can bring sadness.


The day is certainly not going to disappear and neither are you, so what can you do to make the most out of the day?

making quality friends

8 Surprising Reasons You Have Trouble Making Quality Friends

Gone are the days when you could run next door to the neighbor’s house, knock on the door, ask if Susie could come out and play, and instantly you were friends.


Granted, our requirements for our friends back then were simple: Be nice and play with me. Boy, have times changed! Now we need to schedule appointments just to talk and catch up. We have twenty things fighting for our attention and we wonder why our social life is suffering.

sabotaging relationship

Are You Sabotaging Your Relationship in One of These 5 Common Ways?

You’ve finally found the love of your life. But there’s only one problem: It seems too good to be true. Everything in you wants to love and receive love from this person, but you keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. The fear of being dumped haunts you until you are robbed of all joy.


Have you finally found the love of your life, but can’t seem to enjoy yourself because it seems too good to be true? Do you keep waiting for the other shoe to drop until you are robbed of all joy?


Do you often find fault in you mate, but are confused whenever your mate has a problem with you?