sabotaging relationship

Are You Sabotaging Your Relationship in One of These 5 Common Ways?

You’ve finally found the love of your life. But there’s only one problem: It seems too good to be true. Everything in you wants to love and receive love from this person, but you keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. The fear of being dumped haunts you until you are robbed of all joy.


Have you finally found the love of your life, but can’t seem to enjoy yourself because it seems too good to be true? Do you keep waiting for the other shoe to drop until you are robbed of all joy?


Do you often find fault in you mate, but are confused whenever your mate has a problem with you?

difficult family members

How to Deal With Difficult Family Members

Difficult people are all around us. Perhaps you’ve encountered them in your workplace and you strategically avoid them. Or perhaps they are in your church and you conveniently take cover when you see them coming. Or maybe you’ve encountered a friend who was so difficult to be around that you had to sever the relationship.


We all have our way of dealing with difficult people in our lives and it usually involves some form of avoidance. But what happens when the difficult people in your life are family members and avoidance is not an option?

Is It Time To Let Go of an Unhealthy Relationship?


Do you know that you shouldn’t be with this person but something keeps pulling you back?

Are you asking yourself why you keep calling your ex even though you’re in another relationship?

Or why you continue to let someone abuse your friendship?

Or why one piece of cake turns into half the cake?

Being in an unhealthy relationship is not uncommon, nor is it limited to just people. You can have an unhealthy relationship with food, alcohol, or drugs. Whatever you’re locked in an unhealthy alliance with, the relationship is draining mentally, emotionally, and physically.

In my counseling practice I have helped many women untangle their unhealthy attachments by following the five steps I’ve listed below.

Falling Out of Love


“I just fell out of love,” Emily said—she was determined to follow through with her divorce from Jake.

“How do you just fall out of love?” Jake responded with a look of defeat written all over his face. “I’ve tried and tried. I’ve given you everything, but all you ever focused on was your career.”

“Well I wouldn’t have to focus on my career if you were more motivated,” Emily said, with more than a hint of disdain in her voice.

I wish I could say that conversations like this are rare. Sadly, many relationships are built on circumstance, not commitment. Meaning, if a marriage works for both parties, they stay together. But if not, those marriage vows are worth little more than the paper they are written on.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Many of your partner’s frustrating traits are just part of how God wired this person. They are also related to the very things that you drew you to him or her.

We’re all born with a