Finding Your Way Through An Impossible Situation

By Kris Reece, Counselor, Coach, Speaker


“Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you respond to it.” — Charles Swindoll

You’re traveling along life’s road and all is well. Then you find yourself trapped in a situation with no obvious way out. Your husband of 13 years just asked for a divorce and is leaving to be with his new girlfriend or your 13 year old son has become so influenced by the evil around him that you no longer recognize him.

“This can’t be happening to me,” you think. “Everything was just fine and now this!”

Or perhaps you have been in an impossible situation for what seems like an eternity and you want to scream, “When is this going to end?”

Whether your impossible situation just hit you or you have been carrying this burden for far too long, the feelings that accompany this situation are very similar: This isn’t fair! Why me?

If you recognize yourself in this line of thinking, it may be time for a reality check: To think that you are going to get through life without any challenges, injustices or seemingly impossible situations, would put you in the category of a dreamer.

Life’s difficulties will always come that’s for sure. And while they may feel like something that’s beyond your control, remember that there is always something about these situations that you can control—

Making Space for Faith in Your New Step-Family

As parents we know how difficult it is to instill Godly values in our children. You work hard to spend time teaching them God’s word. You send them to Sunday school. You strive to be a good example of how a Christian should live. And still, sometimes they turn the other way and go prodigal on you.

If it’s this difficult in “intact” families, imagine the challenges in divorced and blended families.  Add in a dose of opposition from the biological parent and you can feel like you are fighting an uphill battle.

Our children are bombarded with influence on a daily basis. Send your children to school and listen to dinner conversation and you will get a glimpse of what they are exposed to daily.