3 Signs of Emotionally Healthy People

What does True Healing Look Like?

We can recognize an obviously emotionally unstable person from a mile away. But what about spotting those who are emotionally wounded and didn’t get the proper healing? For those it takes a closer look, or perhaps a closer relationship to detect.

For many with emotional wounded-ness you can sense a pretense about them, which is the result of a desire to pretend that the wound isn’t there and that they have it all together. Oh, they may dress it up, put a smile on it and they may even take it to church, but is the person you are speaking with emotionally healthy?

To ask if someone has been wounded or broken in their life is like asking if the sky is blue. Very few people can skate through life without having trauma to their souls that cause deep wounds. That’s not the question. The question is, have they done the work for true healing, so they can have emotionally healthy relationships void of dysfunction?

Most people, when asked to point out the most emotionally healthy person in church, would point to the woman with the sweet, high-pitched voice in her oversized skirt and cardigan. This is a misconception: That sweet, high-pitched cardigan-wearing church lady is usually Jekyll in church and Hyde at home.

Another misconception is that emotionally healed people do not get angry or upset. This is not true. No, the type of person I am talking about doesn’t have a stereotypical look to them, but there are some qualities that you begin to recognize over the long haul that help you determine that this is a truly healed individual and most likely a safe one to be in relationship with.

Here are 3 signs of an emotionally healed person:

  1. Emotionally healed people respond to situations appropriately. They are able to put things into perspective and not blow something out of proportion. These are not the people that you see flipping out when someone cuts them off on the road and steaming about it for hours to follow. These are people that feel all the emotions that go along with whatever situation they are in, but do not get consumed by them.
  2. Emotionally healed people seek appropriate comfort when stressed. Often times people think that to be healed emotionally you must be a rock who can handle anything. This is not the case. Emotionally healed people need comfort and guidance as well during hard times, the only difference is these people will seek others who can offer wisdom and guidance and they are very select and limited in who they chose. These are not the people who are calling every friend, over every situation, repeatedly. They don’t vent; they look to heal.
  3. Emotionally healed people lead balanced lives. They seem to do better all around. They display fewer negative emotions and as a result have more positive and peaceful lives. They do better at work and in school and they seem to be able to respect authority better. Emotionally healed people get to enjoy the benefits of a healthier body as they don’t get sick nearly as often. The greatest benefit of the emotionally healed person is the balance of relationships they enjoy. They enjoy experiencing people of all walks of life and are not myopic in their selection. They also tend to attract other emotionally healed people.

Take a look around at the people in your life; it may say something about your emotional health.

If you or someone you know is on a broken road and in need of emotional healing, you are not alone. That voice in your head would have you think that others will reject you or think less of you, but I am here to tell you that there is power in your vulnerability and there is healing waiting for you. When Jesus went to the cross, he took all of our sickness and brokenness with him. And by His stripes we are healed. (Isaiah 53:5)

Jesus paid too high a price and there is too much beauty waiting for you to remain stuck.


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  1. Beverly Maddalone
    Beverly Maddalone says:

    These 3 characteristics are so simple to remember and to detect in the people we love and meet on our own journeys.. Thank you.

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