Four Surprising Truths About Princesses


Every year my daughter and I go to Disney World and it doesn’t matter our age, we always appreciate seeing the princesses. Their beautiful dresses and classic demeanor are captivating. I wish I could walk around life dressed like a princess.

But you don’t need to have a big, flowing dress and a shiny crown to be a princess. Did you know that if you are redeemed in Christ, you are a princess? When I pose this question to many women, I get responses ranging from “That’s silly,” to, “Wow, you’re right, I never looked at it that way.”

But it’s true: If you’re Father in Heaven is King, then you as His daughter are a princess.

“Then why don’t I feel like a princess?,” many ask.

Being a princess is not a feeling, it’s a fact. While this is excellent news, it also carries responsibility. As Luke 12:48 tells us, “To whom much is given, much is required.” Many women don’t know what’s expected of them as princesess.

Here’s how you embody your lofty position:

  1. Wear your crown proudly. A princess may need to change her outfit for the day’s duties, but she always wears her crown. Today she may be fighting evil, tomorrow she may be down in the valley, next week she could be on the mountaintop, but in every instance, she remembers that first and foremost, she is a princess. She doesn’t hide it.
  2. Speak with eloquence. A princess is not a foul-mouthed trash-talking naysayer. She watches the words of her mouth and she speaks life over herself and others. Yes, she may have a bad day from time to time. But overall, she knows that her words bear weight.
  3. Walk in humility. You would think that all that power would go to one’s head, but not a princess. She knows who she is but she also knows where her power comes from. A princess does not abuse her authority nor think more highly or herself than she ought (Romans 12:3). She’s a humble princess, not a prima donna.
  4. Be a fighter. A true princess is a fighter. Not the fighters we see in today’s society who think that obnoxious, dominating behavior is sexy. Rather, a princess is one who is ready and willing to stand up for injustice. She knows right from wrong and is not afraid to pick up her sword and fight, no matter the cost.

Ladies, you may not be able to dress in your fancy princess dress, but you can proudly wear the crown. Jesus paid a very high price for that crown. Wear it proudly and leave the whole world saying, “There’s something very regal about that woman.”

By Kris Reece: Counselor, Author, Speaker