I love the giving spirit of Christmas but what amazes me most is how the hustle and bustle doesn’t end on Christmas Day. The malls will be jam packed on December 26th with thousands of people wanting to exchange that “perfect” gift.

I don’t like shopping or going to the malls but what I don’t like even more is having something that I can’t use or don’t like. It’s a waste to me. So I’m happy to exchange my useless gift for a more desirable one.

And it got me thinking; God makes exchanges too.

Jesus Christ paid the penalty of death so that we could be reconciled with God.

In return, God did more than just forgive us our sins; He bestowed the perfect righteousness of His Son on us. A great exchange took place. Christ got all our sin and guilt; we got His perfect standing before God. In other words, God exchanged our sin for His righteousness. I’ve gotten good deals at the mall but none that compare to that.

What are you willing to exchange this season?

Perhaps it’s time to exchange your baggage—your sin and shame—for God’s grace.

I mean, why wouldn’t you? God doesn’t charge shipping and handling. There are no expiration dates on his offer. He offers a truly divine exchange: “Give me your fear and I’ll give you faith. Give me your insecurity and I’ll give you my boldness. Give me your doubt and I’ll give you belief.”

And all you have to do is accept the gift of Jesus!

That’s an amazing exchange.

By Kris Reece, Counselor, Coach, Speaker


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  1. Lorena Camacho Rodriguez
    Lorena Camacho Rodriguez says:

    This is beautiful and true…thank you for reminding me of His priceless gift & how wonderful He is to take the worthless lies the enemy wants to give me.

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