How to Reinvent Yourself in 2018

I hope that you have begun thinking about what you would like this new year to bring. Many will make pledges to get a new job, lose some weight, or make more money. But I want to challenge you to make your focus on improvement more about who you are instead of your circumstances. Everywhere you go, there you are, so why not make this the year of the best you possible?

Years ago, I was in desperate need of a do-over. On the outside, my life was nothing to complain about, but I was unhappy. I would change my circumstances and yet still felt the same nagging sense that things weren’t right.


Things didn’t change for me until I realized I needed to strengthen who I was. So I set out on a mission. There were three key areas that I focused on that I want to share with you now. Adopting these three missions will set you on a strong foundation to make 2018 your best year yet.


Key area #1: Discover. You can’t continue to move forward in the same old same old and expect something amazing to happen. To reinvent yourself, you must take the time to discover what makes you tick. Take a few hours or better yet, take as much time as you need to discover yourself. It will be the best investment you can make.

Wondering what, exactly, you are seeking to discover?

Discover your strengths and weaknesses; your likes and dislikes; your regrets in life and what you would have done differently. Better yet, discover WHY you did what you did. And above all, discover your God-given temperament (this will change your life–check out my free guide “What’s my temperament” to discover more).


Key area #2: Develop. There are three areas you need to develop, a term I’m using in the photographic sense—to bring into focus and to sharpen. The first is your core values, or what’s important to you. You can only embark on this after you’ve discovered yourself in #1. Next is to develop the skills you need to move forward. But the most important area of development is your mind. You will only goes as far as your thinking allows, so if you are the type to dwell on negative thoughts and run “what ifs,” you need to renew your mind.( I am leading a one-day intensive workshop to “Overcome Toxic Thoughts” to help you do just that—join us!)


Key area #3: Design. A dream without a plan is just a wish. Once you have discovered and developed, it’s time to put the pedal to the medal and design a plan to get you there. In this design phase you will need to set up a support system to hold you accountable and help in unfamiliar areas. If you need help with a plan, check out Personal Development Plan for more details.


Get started on these key areas and you’ll see that 2018 can be the year you reinvent yourself.

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  1. krisreece
    krisreece says:

    Thanks for joining in Brittany. I appreciate your kind words. You can do this. 2018 will be a year of discipline and breakthrough for you!

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