Last week, my website got hacked. Every piece of material I’ve ever written was deep within those web walls. It was there one day and the next, poof! Gone.Talk about a horrible feeling. It’s worse than having my purse stolen.


My first thought was… This can’t be happening.Part of me thought my faith kicked in when I was tempted to ignore it, but then I realized, that’s not faith, that’s ignorance.


I kicked into high gear and reached out to my team and they worked around the clock to help restore my content. Still, my mind was tempted to think the worst.


Here’s where my thoughts wanted to go:

How many people are missing out on my stuff because they can’t access it?

How many people won’t come back for help because my stuff is going to a dead link?

How many sales and prospective customers have I lost just in this short time?

How much work is this going to take to restore?


Those and so many other thoughts were catapulting through my brain. But there was one thing missing: worry. I wasn’t worried.


Was there something wrong with me?


Some may call this lack of worry La La Land, but I call it faith.


I had perfect peace in the midst of this storm.


I wasn’t stressed


I wasn’t worried.


I was at peace.


How did that happen? Was there anything special I did to go from the old, “Gotta figure things out Kris,” to “God’s got this Kris”?


I’m so glad you asked. Yes, there was. Over the years, I have trained my brain to think the way it should. I did it despite what my ‘feelings’ told me. I did it despite what my circumstances looked like.

I trained my brain to have faith in God.


The biggest mistake I see people making is trying to have faith in the midst of a storm with no preparation.


You can’t train for battle during the war.


Here’s what my thoughts were after my training.


Renewed thought #1:

“I’m in God’s hands.” Nothing falls outside of God’s purview. He didn’t forget about me. He didn’t miss something. I’m in His will right now even if it doesn’t look it. God has a bigger plan for me. If I made this mistake, His grace will find me. If someone is harming me, well….that takes me to thought #2.


Renewed thought #2:

“God will repay.” There are wicked people in this world and whether my web hack was random or personal, I don’t know, but I do know that God doesn’t take kindly to someone messing with His children. So I don’t need to fret, God’s justice will prevail. It always does.


Renewed thought #3:

“God doesn’t repair, God restores.” And when something is restored, it looks better than it did before. So I can sit back, do what needs to be done on my part, and let God make this better than it ever has been before. (Which by the way, it does, you should go check out my new site at #Godisamazing)


So how did I train my brain?


First, it took time. Mind renewal is not a one and done. Romans 12:2 reminds us to be renewed in our thoughts DAILY.


Second, hang on to what you know, not what you ‘feel’. Feelings come and go, so if you chase after feelings, you will get quite a workout, but in the long run, get nowhere.


Instead go by what you KNOW.


So what do you KNOW?


Do you KNOW that God loves you?


Do you KNOW that all things work together for good?


Do you KNOW that God will never leave you?


Than go by what you KNOW not by what you ‘feel.’


Don’t get me wrong, it’s important that you learn how to listen to your feelings, because they indicate what’s going on inside of you. The key is to not yield to them


If all you’ve ever known is a lie, it’s time you learned the truth. I want to encourage you to dive into God’s Word as if your life depended on it, because it does.


If you’re saying, Kris, I want that same level of peace. How do I conquer my negative thinking?

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