Build A Beautiful Life out of Broken Pieces

We all have broken pieces in our lives: a dysfunctional or failed relationship, abuse, addiction, anger, anxiety.- And while no one gets off without experiencing some hurt in this life, you don’t have to remain trapped by the wounds of your past. It is possible to pick up those broken pieces and create something beautiful out of them.


  • How good you would feel if you were able to erase some of the experiences that left you hurt
  • What life would be like if you weren’t trapped in old ways of thinking
  • Having the ability to stop the painful thoughts that play over and over again in your mind, and replace them with thoughts that are more loving, motivational and true
  • Taking different actions in your life, and getting different–and much, much better–results

In this powerful book, Kris Reece guides you through practical solutions to overcoming the negative thoughts and patterns of your past. With a mix of inspirational real-life examples, practical exercises and Biblical teachings, you will learn how to rewrite your story–first in your own mind and heart, and then in the circumstances of your life.

Don’t let another day go by stuck in frustration and brokenness. Your beautiful life is closer than you think.

We’ve created several additional resources to help you build your beautiful life.

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