Real Hope for Real Life

As a Christian Counselor I understand how hard it can be to reach out for help, so I want to take a moment to commend you for your strength and courage in visiting and reading this website.

I work with you to promote your mental and emotional health using a variety of therapeutic techniques. I help you heal from past hurts, current fears, and disappointing relationships. Most importantly, I help you find who you truly are and discover the plan God has for your new life.

I also work with couples and families to improve communication and understanding and to change behaviors. I act as a facilitator to bring healing and wholeness to the relationship through the practical application of God’s word.

Most of all, I truly care about the emotional, mental, and spiritual health of my clients. They can trust me with their most personal information and with their lives.

Do I have to believe in God to work with a Christian Counselor?

Absolutely not! Christian Counseling is not about forcing beliefs on you. It’s about getting you the healing you desire. I employ a variety of therapeutic techniques to help you reach your goal. Your beliefs are completely respected and honored.

What don’t you do in Christian Counseling?

Take sides.

Fix people.

Tell you what to do.

Judge you, regardless of whatever you may be doing or feeling.

If you are interested in hiring a professional to help you develop more of a game plan for how you’d like to move forward in your life, that is a role that is best filled by a coach. I am also a Christian Life Coach. Please see my Coaching page for more information about that.

How does Christian Counseling work? What can I expect to feel and do?

We begin with a temperament analysis to better understand how you are wired and what your true needs are. From there we begin to address current issues, while also keeping an eye on any underlying issues that may be at the root of whatever you’re presently experiencing.

Depending on your commitment and desire to improve, we will meet once a week initially, working toward less frequency as the issues subside and you become more comfortable with any behavior changes.

As a result, clients start to feel more at peace and empowered from the start. Then comes the joy.

Christian Counseling is a journey—it’s not a one and done cure-all. Most issues have taken years to develop; they will also take some time to uncover and heal them. The more honest, open and willing you are, the faster you will see results.

During the journey, you will start to process information in a healthier, more functional manner, which leads to better outcomes in your life—your relationships, your work, your mental health.

How do I know if Christian Counseling is a good option for me?

  • Women whose relationships are not what they hoped they would be, whether that’s with their husband, children, family, or co-workers.

  • Those feel stuck in life and need to understand what is holding them back

  • Married couples that want to move beyond the hurts and conflicts so they can enjoy better communication and restoration of their bond.

  • Women who are struggling with self-esteem issues, depression or trust issues.

  • Women who need help uncovering the source of stress, pain, resentment and frustration in their lives.

  • Women going through a breakup or a divorce.

  • Families who are undergoing changes as a result of remarriage.