The alarm clock made a gentle chiming sound, but to my ears it sounded like a freight train pulling into my bedroom. It can’t possibly be 5 am already, I thought. I feel like I just went to sleep. That’s probably because I had. Having stayed up until 2 am working on last minute reports and meeting preparations, I was under the gun.

I don’t mind doing this stuff, I thought to myself. In fact, I actually enjoy the planning and the inventing, it’s the day to day stuff that is sucking the life out of me.

I had always been a woman on a mission but when did that mission turn into something I lost my passion for many years ago?

Anytime I went down this line of thinking, wondering how I had wound up where I was and what else I could see happening in life only brought frustration and discontent. Dreaming seemed to make the days drag on endlessly. Ignoring it didn’t work either as each year slipped by and I was no closer to making those dreams real.

My lack of fulfillment wasn’t for a lack of trying. In fact, many would considered me a wild success. I ran a successful personal training studio that set the standard for others. Clients were raving about us. Employees were happy. Business was good.

So what’s wrong Kris? I’d question myself. This is everything you wanted, isn’t it?

Yes, it was everything I had worked for but no, it wasn’t everything I wanted. In fact, I didn’t truly know what I wanted. I’d been in the fitness business for over 20 years. What else would I do? I was very good at what I did and I made good money doing it, but there was something missing. I felt stuck.

I have never been a stay-stuck kinda gal. I always believed that any movement is better than no movement, but that philosophy often landed me in trouble. I didn’t have time, energy or money to recover from any more mis-steps, but I couldn’t imagine myself in the same situation, feeling the same way, two years from now, much less 10.

The thought of reinventing myself sounded both exciting and scary. I was in a new marriage at that point. What would my husband think? And what would I do?

It was time to start fresh, but this go-getter was stuck. I had little idea of what I wanted, much less how to do it. I had always followed the plan laid out for me. Yes, I was the one who laid the plan, but I just followed it blindly never asking, “Does this make you happy?” or “Is this what you want?”

What an awakening it was to realize that I had spent my entire life doing what others thought I was good at. I was a personal trainer for so long simply because I was good at what I did. I even looked back over my childhood and remembered running track and cross country because the coach said I had a talent for it, but my heart longed to be a gymnast.

After much soul searching, I vowed never again. Never again would I let my skills lead the way. Because skills can always be acquired and refined, so limiting my choices to the skills I already had kept me trapped in a small existence.

No, this time I was going to follow my passion and purpose. I even planned to care less about the money. It didn’t make me happy anyway.

And so my journey to reinvention began. I prayed “God, show me what you would have me do. Show me my purpose.”

Little by little I began to see direction. But the take-charge go-getter in me kept wanting to take the lead, formulate a plan and run with it. It wasn’t until I became sufficiently exhausted and burned out that I realized that this reinvention thing was going to take time, so I’d better pace myself. I also realized that I was still in an old mindset of choosing a career, not a purpose.

A career is something you do, a purpose is what you were created for. I realized that until I discovered what I was created for, everything I set out to do would feel like work.

Now, I was on a mission! I gobbled up all the materials I could, I hired all the professionals needed and I set out to find my purpose.

Did I find it? Yes, but it doesn’t look anything like I expected it to. In fact it evolves on a daily basis. And I’m determined to evolve with it. It challenges me constantly to ask the hard questions, such as why am I making the choices I’m making and why do I want what I want. It keeps me in check and on point.

Now I can say with all honesty and excitement, I love what I do. Because I am doing what I was purposed for.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what you’ve been through, or who has hurt you, it is never too late to reinvent yourself.

No one is able to skate through life without going through a transition. But how you get through that transition can determine whether you get bitter or better, worse or wiser. Many people go through a transition and still stay stuck in their past and only dream of making progress.

However, determined, intentional people make a choice to reinvent themselves. Whether they are forced into a transition or have chosen to make a change, they decide to change for the better. And they do that through personal development.

Personally, I have reinvented myself on several occasions in my life. I like to tell my husband that he gets a new woman every few years. I even change my hair color.

And the same can be true for you. (You don’t have to change your hair color, in fact it’s not about the external changes, those are just on the surface.) You can make the internal changes and undertake the personal growth that will help you evolve spiritually, mentally and emotionally. You too can learn how to reinvent yourself and live the life you love.

One of my greatest passions is helping people see how possible it is to get unstuck and I am blessed with the opportunity to work with people on a daily basis who are seeking to reinvent themselves. I would like to share with you some of the tried and true steps that I employ with everyone who works with me.

These steps to success will give you the structure you need to breakthrough.

Step 1: Discover

Discovery is a critical element in learning how to reinvent yourself. How can you determine where to go if you don’t know where you are? In the discovery phase it is important to do an accurate assessment of the following. These questions will begin to give you a foundation of what’s important to you. What’s the point in reinventing yourself into something you’re not all that fired up about?

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

    Without a solid understanding of who you are you will find it near impossible to reinvent yourself. Every single one of my clients begins with a unique temperament profile. This profile gives you a better understanding not only of your personality but of how you are wired. Once you have a greater understanding of how uniquely made you are, you can begin to step out to be and do all that you were created for. If you would like more information about the temperaments click here for a copy of your free report, “What’s My temperament?”

  • What are your needs?

    We all share some vital common needs but each one of us has a unique set of needs that relates to our unique personality. Some personalities need high levels of social interaction while others need quite time alone. Some personalities need a high amount of control over themselves and others while others need someone else to take the lead. In my experience, we live in a world where we suppress our own needs and desires to meet the expectations of others. But the truth is, when you have your needs met, you are in a position to excel and operate in your strengths.

  • What has held you back in the past?

    Whether you had a critical upbringing or currently have a fear of success, it is essential to identify what holds you back. These bonds must be broken to move forward, otherwise you are likely to repeat the same patterns.

  • What are your fears?

    An honest assessment of your fears can be the beginning of breakthrough. This assessment is not meant to identify with these fears but rather to face them. Fears don’t go away just because you ignore them and you can’t pretend you don’t have them. No matter how hard you try to hide them, they will come out. So whether you are hiding from your fears or giving in to them, it’s time to dismantle them.

  • What are you core values and priorities, passions?

    I can’t begin to tell you the number of people that are under the misconception that they have to live up to the standards and expectations of others. They feel that they have to keep up with the fast moving freight train that we call life or else they will get left behind. The truth is when you align yourself with what matters most to you, you will find your groove, your happiness and your peace.

Step 2: Develop

In the development phase, you begin to build the skills, attributes and discipline to stick with your ultimate goals. Setting goals is great, but reinvention takes more than just setting goals. Reinventing your life is not about strengthening one area while forsaking others. What are your goals for your emotional health, mental health, physical health, professional success, spiritual health, and relational health?

In the development phase it is critical to develop the following:

  • Discipline

  • Work/life balance

  • Vision

  • A new perspective

  • Confidence

  • Self Care

  • Skills

Step 3: Design

The design phase is where you put the pedal to the metal. If you are going to design a new life, a new you, you must be intentional. The design phase is where you review your ultimate goals and break them down into bite-sized chunks, starting with the end in mind and working backwards. What do you need to design?

  • A plan for obstacles and blind spots

  • A support system

  • A plan for handling change

  • A detailed plan of how long it will take you to accomplish your goals and the steps you need to achieve them.

Reinventing yourself is not always a linear, step-by-step process. All three phases at some point will be working in unison.

Remember that life is a constant process of discovery, development and design. It’s not a destination, but a journey. When you are intentional about reinventing your life, you can make it a journey that you enjoy and that gets you someplace you actually want to go.

You have too many gifts and talents to stay stuck. This world needs you!

If you need guidance in how to reinvent yourself, check out my Personal Development Coaching and sign up to receive the free report, “Create the Life You Want: 4 Simple Steps to Uncover & Unleash Your God-Given Potential”

Isn’t it time you evolved into the person you were created to be?