personal development

Personal Development is the conscious pursuit of empowering and equipping of yourself to improve in one or more areas of your life.

Whether you’re looking for a breakthrough in your career, relationships or spiritual life, personal development is the key that can unlock the door.

There are five areas of personal development to consider. While you may not need to develop in every area, it’s common for one or more areas to be going extremely well while one or more others are poor. For example, you might have a great career with failing health and/or marriage.

Personal development is about being the best you possible. It can be a lifelong process where your skills and qualities continue to improve as you keep raising the bar on how you want your life to look and feel.

If you are looking to do all you desire to do and become all you were created to be, personal development is a must. Without regular improvement and challenge, you stay stuck.

We live in the information age. We can access the information we need to learn anything in seconds, but information isn’t enough—without inspiration and revelation, information is just noise. The process of personal development cuts through that noise.

The motivation for personal development is created when you discover that you want more out of life, you are going through a life transition, or are in need of breakthrough but don’t know how to get it.

There are five key areas of personal development

  • Spirituality

    means connecting to and relying on a source greater than yourself. You were created for spiritual oneness with God our Heavenly Father. The deepening of your spiritual life will guide you tremendously in developing all other areas of your life. Without this connection, you can feel that you are the only one responsible for the outcomes you are experience, which can create fears and anxieties or lead to narcissism.

  • Mental

    We have all been programmed to think a certain way based on our upbringing and life experiences. This thinking shapes our thoughts, influences our choices and determines our destiny. In order to go where you want to go and do what you want to do, it is crucial to renew your mind, change your attitude and refocus your outlook.

  • Emotional.

    The emotional aspect of personal development relates to how you react to people, places and things. It also includes your coping mechanisms. While we all age chronologically, many of us get stuck emotionally at an age much younger than our actual age. Being emotionally healthy and mature is vital to overall personal development.

  • Social.

    To succeed in life you must be an effective communicator. Whether you are talking to one or a crowd of a thousand, communication takes an understanding of how to relate to others, as well as how others receive what you have to say. While personal development is about developing yourself, it also contributes to the betterment of everyone you come in regular contact with.

  • Physical.

    Improving your health and fitness can go a long way toward the achievement and enjoyment of your personal development. Your body is your earthly home as well as your temple. While you are called to take care of your, many focus too much of their personal development energy on physical pursuits, or believe they should and always come up short. For some it is the first thing to get neglected and for others it takes priority over all else. As with all other areas, each area needs to be well developed to live a balanced life.

While personal development is a lifelong goal, during those times when you are experiencing a high level of need for growth, a Personal Development Coach can be the key to success.

Why is self development important?

Before you can be the best at what you do you must be the best at who you are. Whether you are looking to be a better leader, a better spouse or enjoy a better life, it all begins with you. Regardless of your circumstances or goals, you can never go wrong with the development of your self. Because no matter where you go in life, there you are.

Personal development is more than doing more: it’s also about doing less. While you likely will need to learn new skills and adopt new ways of thinking, you will also need to let go of old ideas, thoughts, and patterns in order to develop more fully.

Overcoming barriers to personal development

There are many things that prevent people from developing themselves, including:

  • Lack of self confidence.

    This is one of the greatest and most common obstacles. Self-limiting beliefs often begin in childhood or as a result of later-in-life experiences. These self-limiting beliefs can be tricky to tease out because it can be difficult to see your thoughts objectively. A little bit of work with a qualified coach can begin to break down these barriers to uncovering your hidden potential. Confidence increases when you begin to believe that you are capable of having more, doing more and being more. This is done through strategic relationships in both your personal and spiritual life. For more information on building self-esteem read more here.

  • Financial situation.

    Many people see their financial situation as a barrier to developing themselves. However there are many affordable, or even free, resources that can help improve many areas of your life, whether it be Internet articles, free classes at your local library or learning from a mentor, there are no limits as to how you can develop yourself. Don’t allow your financial situation to be an excuse any longer.

  • Family responsibilities.

    If you have family commitments that prevent you from having the time to develop yourself, perhaps it is time for you to draw better boundaries, because there is no good reason to completely put your personal development plans on hold. Does having four children at home under the age of ten make it conducive to going back to school full time? Probably not, but it is possible to identify the times of day that you are able to carve out so that you can stick to a realistic personal development plan.

  • Lack of time.

    This is usually the number one reason why people do not devote time to personal growth. We all have goals that exceed our current situations. And we are all given the same 24 hours in a day. I have yet to meet a person who says “This is a great time for me to develop myself personally because I have more time than I know what to do with. Actively pursuing personal development comes down to time management. If you are constantly being pulled in a thousand different directions, it’s time you learn how to minimize distractions and stay focused in a noisy world. Doing so will open up a new world of other personal development possibilities.

  • Lack of supportive relationships.

    We were never meant to walk this life alone. Even if you are an introvert, a support system is crucial for bouncing ideas off of, rehearsing in front of, getting honest feedback from and crying to when it feels like you’re not getting anywhere. There is strength in numbers. It can be people from your family, your friends, networking groups or a personal development coach. Whoever they are they need to be inspiring and supportive. Don’t rely on your best friend if she is just as stuck as you.

What is a personal development coach?

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