Are you struggling to enjoy your marriage?

Are you tired of strained relationships with coworkers?

Do you feel like you are always at odds with your family?

As a Relationship Coach, I understand how difficult life can be when your key relationships are not working. I know how challenging it can be to thrive in all other areas of life when you are battling challenges with the relationships that are most important to you.

Perhaps you are struggling to feel connected to your spouse, or are having a difficult time relating to your children. Or maybe you are like the hundreds of women I work with who don’t have a harmonious relationship with their family. Or perhaps your job is especially stressful because of difficult coworker(s).

You’re not alone and I’m here to help.

As a relationship coach, I help you improve your relationships as well as your relationship skills using a variety of techniques. First I help you gain a greater understanding of your temperament. Your temperament identifies how you relate to people, how you respond to people and situations, and how you communicate. We also uncover how you give and receive communication, criticism, and affection.

What is a Relationship Coach?

As your relationship coach, I help you to see past the hurts and begin to develop new perspectives, thought patterns, and ways of relating that get you positive relationship results.

A relationship coach is a life coach who specializes in helping people find greater fulfillment and connectedness in their personal relationships. A relationship coach can help you understand your current relationship, whether it be with a spouse, a significant other, a friend, a boss, or a coworker. A relationship coach can help you thrive inside your marriage, grieve a lost loved one, enjoy more rewarding friendships, and improve work place cohesiveness.

A relationship coach helps you gain a greater understanding of your temperament and why you do the things you do. The coach also helps you let go of past patterns and create a new way of handling the relationship. This often leads to a greater satisfaction in the relationship, even without your partner’s participation in the process.

Is relationship coaching the same as relationship counseling?

Relationship coaching is not counseling.

The counseling or therapy process focuses on helping clients overcome past problems and issues that impede their ability to function.

Counselors often direct clients to revisit the past in an effort to discover early wounds, whereas coaching focuses looking forward and achieving their chosen future coaching goals.

Coaching in general is designed to equip and empower clients to move positively toward their desired outcome.

Can relationship coaching find me a mate?

No. For that, you would want to hire a dating coach. However, a relationship coach would be a great place to start to gain a greater understanding of who you are, what you want, what makes you tick, and how to identify the type of person you should be looking for.

How does relationship coaching work?

What can I expect to feel and do?

Relationship coaching begins by recognizing that you are not thriving in your current relationship, whether it’s with a partner, family member, friend, or coworker. We begin with a temperament analysis to better understand how you are wired and what your true needs are. From there we begin to address the current issues as well as set goals for what you would like to achieve through the coaching process.

Depending on your commitment and the commitment of those you are in relationship with (not necessary however) we will meet on a weekly basis initially. The meetings can be in person, or via phone, Skype, or Facetime. As progress is made, the frequency of meetings lessens.

Clients who work with a relationship coach can expect to learn:

  • What makes them tick

  • Their unique communication style

  • How to communicate with others of a different communication style

  • Why they repeat destructive patterns

  • How to set appropriate boundaries

  • Skillful ways to resolve conflict

  • Win/win negotiation skills

How do I know if relationship coaching is a good option for me?

Relationship coaching is great for:

  • Women who are struggling with communication in any key relationship of her life, whether that’s husband, boyfriend, children, family or coworkers.

  • Women who need to learn how to handle conflict in relationships

  • Women who want to learn how to set and keep healthy boundaries in relationships

  • Women who want a greater understanding of why they act the way they do

  • Families who want to enjoy greater enjoyment and communication within the family unit

  • Friends who are struggling to keep a relationship from falling apart

  • Employers who want to create greater workplace cohesiveness and productivity

  • Women who want to learn how to handle difficult coworkers to enjoy more fulfillment in their career

If you feel that a relationship coach may be just what you need to have greater connectedness in your relationships, set boundaries with toxic people, or improve your communication, schedule your complimentary discovery call today.  schedule your time here. to see if relationship coaching is right for you.