Is your audience ready to be inspired, empowered and equipped to transform their lives?

Personal development is about change.  But not change for the sake of change, it’s about steps that take you closer and closer to growing in the key areas of your life.  As a motivational speaker, Kris Reece believes that it doesn’t matter whether you are a smashing success in one area of your life, if your life is completely out of balance, change needs to happen.

Whether you are looking for a speaker to motivate, inspire or educate your group,

Finding the right speaker for your event can be a challenge.  With so many out there, how do you chose?

You want someone who will engage and inspire, as well as provide attendees with true value and actionable information.

I’ve been helping people break past barriers, find solutions for life’s challenges and grow personally for over 20 years.

No person can live to their full potential and overcome life’s challenges without an understanding of who they are.

Helping others to understand themselves and live to their full potential is what I do best.

During the course of my presentations, I will equip your audience with tools to improve communication, performance and results.  As a dynamic speaker with a unique outlook, I will inspire and empower your audience to take action and equip them with the tools necessary to effect lasting change.

Whether the struggle is in the boardroom or the bedroom or deep within their own hearts, your audience will gain the tools necessary to create the life they love.

When you hire me for your opening or closing keynote, breakout session or any other event, you will get a customized presentation that’s targeted to the needs of  your group.  Your attendees will receive a high energy personal development coach that takes the necessity of motivation and combines it with the practical solutions to effect change.  The result, your audience will leave feeling empowered, equipped and energized to grow in all areas of their lives.  And you, the host will reap rockstar rewards!