5 Steps to Overcoming the Negative in Your Life

Romans 12:2 “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

I love change.  I love home makeovers, I love beauty makeovers, I even love moving every few years, just for the change.

But my quest for change left me spending a lifetime of trying to change things on the outside.  I would spend my time obsessing over workouts and clothing but what I didn’t realize is that I really longed to be changed on the inside.

I would look around and see what made the difference between happy and unhappy people, depressed and joyful people, successful and unsuccessful people, thankful and ungrateful and I like many people reasoned that it was in their circumstances.  So I spent a lifetime trying to change my circumstances.

But it didn’t take long for me to learn that it wasn’t in their circumstances.  The difference is what takes place in their mind.

What I also learned was how you react, process and respond to people, God and circumstances in life determines the outcome more than the actual people, God and circumstances.

So how does one begin renewing your mind?

There is a 5 step journey that I have followed for many years and it has helped my friends, family, clients.

This 5 step journey to renewing your mind will change the way you think and view your situations forever.

  • Renewing Your Mind – Step 1 – Identify Your Reactions

    It is impossible to begin renewing your mind until you identify your reactions.

    Your reactions come the thoughts that have become embedded in your mind.  Perhaps you’ve seen a person over react to disappointing news or a woman who threatens divorce when things don’t go her way in an argument.  We all have reactions that reveal what our core beliefs are.  It is these core beliefs that create automatic thoughts and it is the automatic thoughts that produce the reactions.  To begin renewing your mind, first identify your reactions. This exercise in self awareness will begin to reveal what is lying at the core of your belief system.

  • Renewing Your Mind – Step 2– Identify the Thoughts

    The next step in renewing your mind is to identify your thoughts.  After you have identified your reactions, take a moment and think about what your thoughts are.  Perhaps you overreact when you and your spouse argue. In the case of one client, some thoughts that came up would be “What I say to him doesn’t matter, he’s so controlling”.  Now ask yourself:  What feelings do these thoughts create?

  • Renewing Your Mind – Step 3 – Interrogate Your Thoughts

    If you desire to be transformed by the renewing of your mind than you cannot let your thoughts have a field day in your mind.  2 Corinthians 10:5 says We are to take every thought captive and make it obedient unto Christ”.

    What does it mean to take something captive and what does it have to do with renewing your mind?  We can compare our thoughts to prisoners that are captured at wartime or in terrorist plots.  What do we do with those prisoners?  We interrogate them.  We get as much Intel as possible with questions such as “Where did you come from?” and “What are you doing here?”  The same tactic needs to happen with our thoughts.  Find out where these thoughts coming from and what their mission is and you will be on your way to renewing your mind.

  • Renewing Your Mind – Step 4 – Line it Up With Truth

    The true power behind renewing your mind comes when you get in line with God’s Word.  Too often we step out in our plans and hope that God will get in line with us, but that’s not where the power is.  In the process of renewing your mind it is crucial that you take your current thoughts and get them in line with God’s Word.  That’s where the power is. If what you are thinking and feeling can be found in God’s Word than you can keep it, if it can’t than it’s gotta go.  But just like the captured prisoner in step 2, we can’t just set the thought free, you must replace the thought with truth, otherwise it will come back.

  • Renewing Your Mind – Step 5 – Rewrite Your Thought

    Here’s the fun part of renewing your mind.  Here is where you get back into the driver’s seat and you stop letting satan or people from your past use your mind as their play ground.  To rewrite your thought, you need to take God’s Word and put it into your own words.  I don’t mean change God’s Word to suit your situation, I mean, change your thinking to line up with His Truth.  Allow God’s Word to speak to you.

    Renewing your mind takes work but it is worth it.  Begin today with one thought and thoroughly work the steps to renewing your mind.   And soon you will see that instead of feeling stuck, you will begin to see breakthrough and instead of repeating the same old things in your mind, you will have a joy that you just cannot explain.

    It’s time to stop asking God to renew your mind while you spend your time on transforming the outside.  Instead be transformed from the inside out by the renewing of your mind.

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