Supporting you to find biblical solutions for life’s challenges.


Supporting you
to find biblical
solutions for life’s challenges.


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Trust in God’s and you’ll never be led astray. 

Hi, I’m Kris.

I know as Christians we’re called to love our neighbors as ourselves—but that doesn’t mean you have to let toxic people suck up your energy and keep you from all that God has planned for you. 

I’ve been where you are—wondering what my purpose was and where my people are. I’ve been in relationship with some real doozies in my life. 

I clawed my way out of a neglected childhood and into what seemed like a perfect marriage and successful business, but I was lonelier than ever. 

So I clung tight to God’s word as I trained to become a Christian counselor, wrote three books, started speaking and teaching, and met a godly man. I’m living proof that ALL things are possible with God. And now I’m here to help you navigate away from toxic people and draw closer to God.

My heart is to see you set free from the toxic opinions of others, the demonic influence that seeks to destroy you and on a path to fulfill the purpose for which God created you. 

My heart is to see you set free from the toxic opinions of others, the demonic influence that seeks to destroy you and on a path to fulfill the purpose for which God created you. 

My purpose

How it all started…

My search for significance started young.

I spent many early days peering over the fence at the community pool wishing my family could afford a season pass. I sewed fake labels on my no-name jeans, and perfected a pattern for stirrup pants that launched my first business—selling leggings to my fellow eighth graders. 

That may make me sound spunky, and my childhood sound romantic, but the truth is, I resented my humble upbringing. I always dreamed of more.

I ran from anything that could hold me back from my desires—including God—and toward anything or anyone that could give me a sense of significance. 

After two failed marriages and a career that burned me out, I was slapped with the reality that my running wasn’t working.

I know what it’s like to suffer the consequences of imbalanced relationships, and what it feels like to try anything in hopes of creating a breakthrough.

I’ve wished that I could erase many parts of my story, but I’ve learned that God uses the broken pieces to build something beautiful.

In His sovereign grace, He brought me to new levels of healing and faith that I only dreamed possible.

If there’s anyone who should be disqualified from representing Him, it should be me.

But in His sovereign grace, he brought me to new levels of healing and faith that I only dreamed possible. gone were the anxious, sleepless nights. And in its place was a joy I couldn’t explain, a peace I couldn’t pay for and a love for others that I know didn’t come from me.  

it’s easy to say “My God will supply all of my needs” when the going is good.

But what do you do when God says to close the successful business you’d been running for years, go back to school and do ministry full time?

If you’re like me, the excitement bubbles up but then you quickly realize that passion doesn’t pay bills.  I was at a pivotal point.  Would my faith fly or fold?  

I hate hypocrisy.  I wanted to walk the talk, but I wanted to help others experience the same life changing transformation that I did. 

So, I quit my personal training business and hit the books.

Wondering where our next mortgage payment was coming from, I stepped out into the complete unknown.  

It was terrifying, But I knew that I couldn’t take one more day helping someone build a better body while their soul was in torment.

Then God refined my mission…

I sat with anyone who would give me a listening ear. And I saw firsthand the power and wisdom of God flowing through me.

I was honored. I was also burning out from the constant one-on-one counseling sessions. I felt like Moses when he was reprimanded by Jethro for trying to cater to each person’s needs all by himself.

And that’s when the Holy Spirit dropped Delivered to Destined Academy  into my spirit. If you’ve ever had one of those moments where there was no mistake that it was God, then you know what it’s like to have the confidence of heaven backing you. (And if you haven’t, stick around.)

This school and its courses were birthed out of years of intense biblical studies and excruciating personal experience—deep, painful, fall on your face personal experience. I’d always been no-nonsense, but these years of transformation made me wiser, and more blunt. I don’t sugar coat, chit chat, or suffer fools. But I do love deeply, and I bring everything that God has honed in me to bring you the same transformation I’ve experienced.

Whatever the desire of your heart is, it is possible with God!

What’s in my heart?

I’m no stranger to life’s challenges. I believe that God saw fit to have me learn much of what I teach by experience. And that everything I’ve been through was meant to help YOU.

My heart longs to see you set free from the toxic opinions of others and the demonic influence that seeks to destroy you, and set you on a path to fulfill the purpose for which God created you. 

You’re in the right place if…


You want to follow God, but can’t get out of your own way.


You can’t shake the agony of inadequacy, insignificance, and insecurity.


You’re tired of feeling trapped in toxic relationships and not know where to turn.


You know the torment of replaying negative, destructive thoughts in your head like a broken record.


You can’t seem to get satan off your back.

There is a way out. And I’ll tell you from personal experience—that way is glorious!

If you want to break free but you just don’t know how, you’ve come to the right place.

What You’ll Get

You can expect biblical wisdom that challenges you, brutal honesty that kicks you in the pants, practical guidance that moves you forward, and occasionally some dry quirky humor that leaves you wondering if I might be related to Spock from “Star Trek” (at least that’s who I remind my husband of sometimes ).

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My hope is to see you set free from the enemy’s hands so that you can draw closer to God and experience all He has in store for you.


What You Won’t Get

I love God with all my heart, but please don’t expect perfection. That goes against all that I believe… and you’ll be supremely disappointed.

If fake smiles and sweet little lies make you feel better, keep on looking. Here I’ll tell you the truth, even when it’s hard. But I’ll always follow it up with a hug from my heart.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I do know how to point you to the ONE who does. 

I hope you will join me on this journey from lost in the wilderness to freedom in Christ.