Find your purpose & identity in Christ  –  not others.

Find your purpose & identity in Christ – not others.

Are you ready to renew your mind?
Discover how toxic your thoughts are. >>

Are you ready to renew your mind? Discover how toxic your thoughts are. >>

Christian Narcissist

In this collection, we will uncover the truth about Christian narcissism and provide biblical counseling. You’ll learn how to heal codependency, recognize the signs of a toxic person, and gain the expert guidance you need when dealing with narcissism and codependency.

Promises of God

Discover the Promises of God and how they can help you overcome the challenges in your life. Learn how to get rid of your demons and identify whose voice you’re hearing. Find out why God puts you in certain situations, how to be who God created you to be, and trust Him even when you don’t understand.

Toxic People

In this collection, we will delve deeper into understanding toxic people, including toxic Christians. I will help you discover how to deal with toxic people in a biblical way, learn how to set boundaries, and honor your parents even when they are toxic. So, dive in and explore what the Bible says about forgiving even when they don’t deserve it, and how to heal from a toxic mother or father.

Relationship with God

In this collection, we’ll explore how to deepen your relationship with God, discover the gifts he has bestowed upon you and understand his purpose for your life. Learn how to hear God calling and feel his love in your life. Discover how to stand firm in the faith and find your gift from God. Find out how to confirm your calling and know your purpose in God. 

What others are saying…

I just found you on YouTube & I’m listening every day. Thank you for the tools & great information. It’s helping me to make sense of so many situations in my life. Thank you!!!! 

- Beth N.

My mind was a mess!  I would snap at my husband for the littlest thing –  I was tired of finding excuses for my reactions to his bad behavior.  I planned to enroll in Toxic People, but was led to Renew Your MindI’m so glad I listened, because this course is a game changer.  The course helped me to realize that a lot of my reactions were ingrained from my past. Kris walked me through 4 steps (which I wrote down and stuck on my fridge!) which help me to remember how to change the thoughts that aren’t glorifying to God.  I feel so much more at peace now. Thank you Kris.

- Laura Ann B.