Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? We’ve shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out!

Speaking & Events


I am interested in one-on-one sessions with Kris. Is this something that you offer?

Unfortunately, Kris does not offer one-on-one sessions at this time. However, Kris has a library of courses and workshops created to help you say no to toxicity and yes to God. Check out the Academy here.



If private attention is needed, we’ve connected with Faithful Counseling to help you find a counselor that is right for you. Simply click here to get paired with a counselor and receive 10% off of your first month of Christian counseling

Is there a phone number where I can call Kris?

As much as we’d love to connect with you, we are a small (but mighty!) team with limited time, which means that Kris is unable to return phone calls.

If you have a question, you’ll likely find the answer here in the FAQ's.

May I email Kris for advice?

Kris does her best to read and respond to as many emails as possible; however, due to the sheer volume of requests, it is unlikely that Kris will be available to effectively respond to your delicate situation inside of a brief email; however, many of your questions provide inspiration for future content, which Kris can then use to help you and others needing guidance (anonymously, so your privacy is respected).


Please note that both Kris and her team keep all of your information confidential.



May I request prayer?

Yes, we would be honored to pray for you. Please submit your prayer requests here. Unfortunately, questions cannot be answered within prayer requests.



ALL of your courses really resonate with me for deeply personal reasons, but I’m not sure where to begin. Is there any specific order in which I should go through the course materials?

Great question! Cleaning up the toxic areas in your life can be daunting. We recommend beginning with the following courses:

  1. Delivered from Demonic Influence
  2. Renew Your Mind
  3. Destined - Discover Your God Given Purpose

This can be a powerfully impactful way to go through our course materials. We will also have new course materials coming out soon - please keep an eye out!

I wasn’t able to complete one of my lessons the entire way through; when I return, the video advances to the end and tells me that I have “completed the course”. How do I resume from where I left off?

We’re sorry you’re experiencing this technical glitch! If your course is marked as “completed”, please do the following:

  1. Go to the navigation on the left side
  2. Click on the module you want to mark as “incomplete”
  3. Underneath the video, click the button "Mark as Incomplete"
  4. Repeat for any other modules you have not yet completed

At any time, you can return to the navigation and rewatch a module as many times as you would like. The course is yours, to complete at your leisure, for 12 months.

Do you offer promo codes?

I do not currently offer any promo codes; however, the price for most of our courses will be increasing very soon. If you are in the position to buy any of our courses at their currently low cost, I would highly recommend you take advantage of the investment!

I am very interested in your course; however, even with the course cost being so low, I am currently experiencing financial difficulties and can’t afford the course material. Do you offer any scholarships or discounts for those in my situation?

We do not currently offer any scholarships or discounted material at this time; however, Kris does her best to keep costs as low as possible for her students and has lots of free content, as well as frequent LIVE teachings, on YouTube which can help you in dealing with toxic relationships.

Here is a link to one of her more popular playlists: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCxvmkovx895GvLqUcce1SxzDFk-zXVjU

Kris’ Toxic People Survival Guide is a wonderful, FREE resource! You can grab it here: https://krisreece.com/toxicpeoplesurvival

We hope you find these helpful!


Can I book Kris to speak at our event?

Thank you for your interest in having Kris speak at your event. She doesn’t take that honor lightly.

Kris’ heart desires to say ‘yes’ to the many invitations she receives, but the realities of her schedule means she is only able to accept a limited number of engagements.

Please submit your request date and event information here and our team will do the best we can to make your event impactful.

Is there a minimum attendance requirement to book Kris?

Yes, because time and travel are limited, Kris accepts invitations for events that will have a larger impact for the gospel and more individuals with an established attendance of over 250 people. Please feel free to inquire about exceptions for local events within the Sarasota, FL and Bridgewater, NJ areas.

What type of events does Kris speak at?

Kris speaks at a variety of Christian events including conferences and Worship services. If you are interested in booking Kris for your next event go here.