Navigating difficult relationships and conquering codependency biblically.

How to Deal with Toxic People: A Survival Guide
It’s like a cheat sheet to detoxify your life! >>

Navigating difficult relationships and conquering codependency biblically.

How to Deal with Toxic People: A Survival Guide
It’s like a cheat sheet to detoxify your life! >>

Your journey starts here.

My heart’s desire is to bring you the best of what I’ve lived and learned, while keeping it real.

Expect biblical wisdom that challenges you, brutal honesty that kicks you in the pants, practical guidance that moves you forward and occasionally some dry quirky humor that leaves you wondering if I’ve watched one too many episodes of Star Trek.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I do know how to point you to the ONE who does. 

My hope is to see you set free from the enemy’s hands and drawn closer to God. Join me on this journey from lost in the wilderness to freedom in Christ.


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Kris Reece provides the tools, tips and teachings to help you life a powerful Christian life. I make videos to help you to defeat your devils, grow in faith and answer the call of God on your life. If you’re a Christian who wants to grow in your faith, deal with difficult people God’s way, renew your mind and live life abundantly, then be sure to subscribe.


Spiritual Growth & Transformation

As a speaker, each one of my talks is infused with biblical depth, gut honest vulnerability and practical, easy to apply solutions. I’m passionate about the Word of God and the incredible lessons that can be applied to our lives today.

What others are saying…

You talk so much sense and at the same time so funny. Although I’m in such emotional pain you got me laughing! Thank you. Pray for me that God would guide me out of this trauma and pain and show me where to go and what to do.
- Lieze

Kris, you are a breath of fresh air… I am new to your youtbe channel and truly believe that God has anointed you to bless others… I love the way you unpack the scriptures with practical principles… keep up the Good Work!

- Joyce

Hi, I’m Kris!

I am a Christian counselor, coach, author, speaker, and content creator.

I spend my days writing, coaching, and creating videos that help you be a better Christian. 

On my journey, I have authored three books—Build a Beautiful Life Out of Broken Pieces, The Sacred Seven, and Make it Mattercreated nine online courses (and counting), and published hundreds of videos, all from my tiny townhome in New Jersey while surrounded by my ever-increasing tribe of fur babies. I also get the opportunity to speak at women’s events and churches across the country. 

God has allowed me to help thousands of women turn their focus away from the toxic people sent to destroy them and turn their hearts to God.  

My passion lies in equipping you to defeat life’s devils, grow in faith, and answer God’s call. 

That’s what I do, but I know you’d prefer to know who I am…..