Discover the truth about Christian narcissism.

Discover the truth about Christian narcissism.

Christian Narcissist Collection

In this collection, we will uncover the truth about Christian narcissism and provide biblical counseling. You’ll learn how to heal codependency, recognize the signs of a toxic person, and gain the expert guidance you need when dealing with narcissism and codependency.

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Conquering Codependency

It’s time to embrace your God-given identity & enjoy mutually fruitful relationships! Are you ready to shift from people-pleasing to God-praising and learn how to stop relying on others to relieve your anxieties?


What’s my Temperament?

Knowing your temperament is like having an instruction manual to understand exactly what makes you tick. Get to know how fearfully and wonderfully made you are TODAY!


The WORST Narcissist of All (Christian Covert Narcissist)

There’s an even worse narcissist than the grandiose. This narcissist flies under the radar and pretends to be a Christian. This narcissist is the ultimate ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’.

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Demonic Mind Games Narcissists Play

Demonic Mind Games Narcissists Play

  Are you tired of falling victim to the emotional and psychological manipulation tactics of a narcissist? Do you worry that long-term exposure to this devil-sent individual will negatively impact your faith? Narcissists are self-centered, egotistical, fragile...

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10 Signs God is Showing You Your Mother is a Narcissist

10 Signs God is Showing You Your Mother is a Narcissist

Moms are supposed to be supportive and nurturing, but what happens when the very woman who should be your number one fan is your greatest adversary? Recognizing the signs of a narcissistic mother becomes crucial in such situations, as it sheds light on behaviors that...

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Have you ever heard of an oxymoron?

An oxymoron is a self-contradicting word or group of words—like “jumbo shrimp,” “awfully good,” and “only choice.”

If you were just learning the language, some of these figures of speech might confuse you, and rightfully so. How can the word “jumbo” be used to describe something so small?

The same is true for an interaction with a person who calls themselves a Christian but displays polar opposite qualities. It’s like an oxymoron; it just doesn’t make sense.

But who are we to judge whether someone is a Christian or not… after all, we don’t truly know their heart… or do we?

Or are we supposed to judge those who claim to be in the faith?

After all, a Christian is someone who has received Jesus as their Lord and Savior. They are, as the name implies, “Christ followers.”

You can recognize them by their adherence to biblical principles, their selflessness, their compassion for others, their surrender to God’s will, and their willingness to follow Jesus no matter the cost.

So, it’s understandable that when you combine the words “narcissist” and “Christian,” they seem to form an oxymoron.

And this is where you may feel like you’re losing your mind.

Maybe you’re confused by the fact that they call themselves Christians, or perhaps you’ve even seen them respond to an altar call or attend church more than you.

They may even know scripture… but it’s often used to suit their agenda.

The problem is, narcissists usually know enough scripture to be dangerous, but they lack the desire to give up what pleases them.

This contradiction can leave you feeling confused and conflicted about how to handle these “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

Unfortunately, living life with these confusing contradictions can lead to:


Lack of Discernment

Living with a narcissist can leave you baffled. In an effort to be a loving person, you might ignore the signs of a toxic individual simply because they call themselves a “Christian.”


Questionable decisions

Being influenced by a narcissist often leads to the need for biblical counseling to address narcissism, as you may no longer be able to distinguish truth from lies.


Wounded emotions

If you find yourself triggered by almost everyone, it’s likely you need healing from codependency. Narcissists have a way of keeping you walking on eggshells.


It makes you ask the pressing question… Can a narcissist be a Christian?

So, if you’re ready to gain clarity, a biblical perspective, and find healing from codependency, dive in… God has so much more for you.

Think of this content as your biblical counseling for narcissism.

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