Biblical Boundaries with Toxic Family Course


What do you do when cutting ties with a toxic family is not an option?

… You set boundaries!


When it comes to Toxic Family, the friction between you and them can be so challenging that you’re often left wondering…. is it me?

If it were anyone else, you would avoid this person completely, but when it’s “family” suddenly there’s an expectation of acceptance and tolerance.

Is that you?
If so, you’re not alone and it’s not your fault.
Trying to hug a porcupine hurts!
No matter what title they hold.

Have you asked yourself…


  • Is it ok to set boundaries with family?
  • How do I set boundaries with someone who doesn’t get it?
  • Am I not being a good Christian by setting boundaries with family?

If so, you may have fallen into an unhealthy role of people-pleasing just to keep the peace.

And as a result, your physical and mental health have taken a hit.

In difficult family relationships in which the healthy dynamic has been replaced with toxic, dysfunctional, self serving, manipulative behavior, it can be difficult to say no without feeling guilty.
You know you need to set boundaries, but how?

    Are you ready to be set free from the toxic expectations of others and react in a way you’re proud of?

    Hi! I’m Kris.


    Kris Reece is a Minister, Christian Counselor, Christian Life Coach and YouTuber who specializes in helping Christians navigate toxic relationships in a self-respecting and God-honoring way.

    Her heart’s mission is to help you find biblical solutions to life’s tough challenges.

    Kris is no stranger to toxic relationships and over the years, she has spent thousands of hours in private counsel with clients struggling in toxic family dynamics.

    Together, Kris’ personal and professional experience have positioned her to help people just like you on how to set biblical boundaries they can be proud of.

    As a Christian Life Coach and a Christian Counselor, Kris’ recognizes the stress that dealing with toxic family can bring. And boundaries are a necessary part of all relationships – even healthy ones.

    But how do you set boundaries that honor you and still show the love of Jesus?

    In Biblical Boundaries with Toxic Family, Kris’ will teach you the why and the HOW and equip you with everything you need to set appropriate, lasting biblical boundaries with toxic family.

    And still remain a nice person.

    Are you ready to take your self-worth and…


    Identify when a boundary is needed


    Build confidence to set boundaries you can be proud of


    Determine the best type of boundary for your situation


    Learn to set your boundaries like Jesus and hold firm


    Deal with the residual guilt & find your boundary comfort zone


    Communicate your boundaries in a healthy and godly way


    Understand what ’triggers’ you to behave inappropriately


    Identify your part in the dysfunctional dance

    Stress, anxiety and fear don’t have to be a part of your family dynamic any longer.

    You CAN find peace in saying NO to unwanted behavior.


    Biblical Boundaries with Toxic Family

    Get 12 full months access to this course featuring Kris Reece.

    10 Part Video Series

    Boundaries are a necessary part of all relationships. Yes, even healthy relationships have good boundaries. But how do you set boundaries that honor you and still show the love of Jesus?

    This series will give you the tools and understanding to set, keep and confidently communicate your boundaries in a health way.

    This includes the following topics:

    1. Welcome
    2. What is Toxic Behavior?
    3. How to Identify When a Boundary is Needed
    4. 4 Types of Boundaries
    5. How did Jesus set boundaries?
    6. How to Communicate Your Boundaries Effectively
    7. Develop the Strength to Uphold Your Boundary
    8. How to Use Toxic People to Your Advantage
    9. How to Deal with Residual Guilt
    10. Closing to Where to go From Here



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    “Get ready to say Goodbye to guilt and hello to healthy boundaries

    -Kris Reece

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    Here is why I’m so passionate about this program. It’s because I know what it’s like to say yes when I’d prefer to say no. I know what it’s like to overcome the frustrating cycle of ineffective boundary setting.

    And now it’s my hope to help other people just like you get that same transformation. You deserve to have the same experience. For our full refund policy, click here.