Do you feel like your faith has been dismantled by toxic relationships and you don’t know how to get it back?


Many toxic people you can just walk away from, but what do you do when avoidance isn’t an option?

What do you do when there seems to be no escape?

You’re likely feeling worn down and worn out.

You’re tired of walking on eggshells, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Your physical, mental and emotional health have likely suffered.

And worst of all, you feel like your faith has been dismantled and you don’t know how to get it back.

Not only is healing possible…It’s TIME!

It’s time to learn how to deal with these difficult people in a way that honors both you and God.

It is God’s desire and mine to see you healed, whole, and living the life he purposed for you.

Hi! I’m Kris.


Kris Reece is a Minister, Christian Counselor, Christian Life Coach, and YouTuber who specializes in helping Christians navigate toxic relationships in a self-honoring and God-honoring way.

Her heart’s mission is to help you find biblical solutions to life’s tough challenges.

Kris is no stranger to toxic relationships and over the years, she has spent thousands of hours in private counsel with clients struggling in toxic family dynamics.

Together, her personal and professional experience has positioned her to help people just like you on how to set biblical boundaries they can be proud of and reclaim their identity in Christ.

If you are struggling with:


A toxic family member (or close person) who doesn’t respect you


Not getting your needs met in the relationship


Giving more than your fair share - only to be accused of not doing enough


Setting and keeping boundaries


Constant anxiety and guilt


Feeling disregarded, bullied, or manipulated in your relationship


Getting this toxic person to see the damage they are causing

Then I want to invite you to join us for our Spring Semester on Freedom from Toxic People.

Maybe you feel obligated to this person, or perhaps a covenant is keeping you tied.  Perhaps you believe staying is the Christ-like thing to do, but everything in you feels like it’s dying.

You don’t feel valued or respected in the relationship.  You’ve lost your sense of self.  And you may even be questioning your faith.

Take the stress, anxiety, and fear out of your family dynamic.
You CAN find peace in saying NO to unwanted behavior.

Imagine what it would be like if you: 


Could feel at peace regardless of their behavior


Could confidently communicate your boundaries


Were able to keep your cool and knew what to say during toxic interactions


Realized their words had little to no effect on you & don’t feel like you are walking on eggshells anymore


Regain your identity in Christ


In this action-packed 3-course semester, you will walk through vital phases to healing, wholeness, and restoring your God-given identity.

Course #1:
How to Deal with Toxic People

Get 12 months access to these 15 prerecorded Videos feat. Kris Reece.

Is your desire to be more Christ-like sucking you into a toxic dynamic?

Learn how to biblically identify and deal with difficult people. From manipulative mothers to dysfunctional coworkers to narcissistic spouses, you CAN win back your peace and sanity.

We all know that person – the one who leaves you feeling drained and confused after interacting with them. You can’t put your finger on it but there is just something about being around them that feels downright toxic. You likely try to push those feelings aside and be a better Christian but there’s no denying the toxic effect they have on you.

That’s because toxic people are notoriously manipulative, controlling, critical, and blaming.

They make it near impossible for you to emotionally separate yourself from them to live a life that’s fulfilling for you.

And toxic people are all around us.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Identify and handle the 5 types of toxic people
  • Uncover why toxic people seem to find you (what makes you susceptible to toxic people)
  • Deal with toxic people using the 4 keys
  • Set boundaries and deal with the guilt
  • Win back your sanity and regain your peace of mind

From manipulative mothers to dysfunctional coworkers to narcissistic spouses, you CAN win back your peace and sanity.

Course #2:
Biblical Boundaries with Toxic Family

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What do you do when cutting ties with toxic family is not an option?

You set boundaries!

If it were anyone else, you would avoid this person as much as possible, but when it’s “family” suddenly there’s an expectation of acceptance and tolerance.

Boundaries are a necessary part of all relationships.  Yes, even healthy relationships have good boundaries. But how do you set boundaries that honor you and still show the love of Jesus?

This course will teach you why and HOW to set biblical boundaries with toxic (even nontoxic) family and non family.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Identify which of the 4 types of boundaries are needed and how to implement them
  • Set boundaries like Jesus
  • Communicate your boundaries in a healthy and godly way
  • Understand what ’triggers’ you to behave inappropriately
  • Identify your part in the dysfunctional dance

Get ready to say Goodbye to Guilt and Hello to Healthy Boundaries!

Course #3:
Conquering Codependency

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Do you ever feel like your actions and emotions are dependent upon others?

Codependency in a nutshell can be described as the need to be needed.

It says “If you’re ok, I’m ok.  If you’re not ok, I’m not ok.  I need you to be ok”

In this course, you will learn who you are in Christ as well as your unique identity.

God created you uniquely and we are called to be “interdependent” in relationships

It’s time to break free from the ungodly codependency that is robbing your true identity.

n this course you will:

  • Begin to finally understand where your codependency came from and how you can heal from it.
  • Learn the 4 different types of codependency and how they play out in your life.

Then, together, we are going to walk through a 3 phase journey to conquer your codependency.

Phase 1: We Reveal. In the reveal phase, we allow God to reveal key areas that are crucial to begin your journey.

Phase 2:  We Heal.  Here is where we allow God into those broken areas and bring the healing that only he can.

Phase 3:  We Deal.  In the deal phase, I teach you practical tips for how to break old codependency patterns and replace them with new more relationally rewarding ones.

How much better would you feel if you were able to shift your people dependency to a God dependency?

By the end of this course, you will…

  • Feel confident about your God-given identity
  • learn when to say yes and how to say no
  • learn how to process past pains properly
  • learn how to meet your needs in a healthy way
  • learn how to take control of runaway thoughts

You can break free from the relational patterns that keep you dependent on others and enjoy mutually beneficial relationships that honor God.

Overdependence on others does not have to be your lot in life.

Live Q&A

As part of your tuition, you will receive three LIVE 1 hr group Q&A calls with Kris to answer your most pressing, personal problems.

(LIVE Q&A group calls will be scheduled every couple of weeks in between courses to help keep you on track)

Don’t worry if you’re not able to attend, just submit your questions in advance and catch the replay.

PLUS Gain access to Kris Reece Student Group private Facebook community group


You will receive, for FREE Find your God-given Purpose mini-course to get you on the path to living the life God has for you.


By the end of the 6-week semester you will have:

Learned how to identify and deal with toxic behavior

Learned godly, guiltless boundaries

Reclaimed your identity in Christ and in yourself

Imagine having the confidence to care less about what people think and more about what God thinks…

Get your all-access pass to these 3 life-changing courses, LIVE Q&A calls (and your FREE bonus course)