Say Goodbye to Guilt and Hello to Healthy Boundaries.

We all know that person – the one who leaves you feeling drained and confused after interacting with them.
You can’t put your finger on it but there is just something about being around them feels down right toxic.
You likely try to push those feelings aside and be a better Christian but there’s no denying the toxic effect they have on you.
That’s because toxic people are notoriously manipulative, controlling, critical and blaming. They make it near impossible for you to emotionally separate yourself from them to live a life that’s fulfilling for you.
Toxic people are all around us. whether it’s the ‘friend’ who gossips or the boss that uses you or it could even be your own mother whose guilt ridden comments leave you feeling broken and confused.
Left unchecked, toxic people can consume your mental, emotional and even your physical energy.
Instead of staying stuck in a toxic dance pattern, consumed by guilt and frustration, there is hope