3 Mindsets That Are Killing Your Dreams

What are the desires of your heart? Do you have a dream? A desire burning deep within for something better or something more in your life, whether it’s money, love, peace, or something else equally important?


Maybe you had a dream at some point, but by now, you’ve given up on attaining it. Maybe you, as I once did, look at your life and see a muddled mess instead of a dream come true. You pray and you wish, but you only seem to encounter more troubles.  

If you analyze the success stories of people who have made their dreams come true, you’ll notice there is one thing these achievers have in common: how they think.


Does this mean that if you simply start thinking more positively your dreams will come true? No. You can’t merely think your way to a new reality.


But if you don’t understand the way you are currently thinking, you will always revert back to the default setting that got you to this point.

Here then are the three most common mindsets that hold us back from our dreams. Do you recognize yourself in any of these?


  • The Denier. Denial is defined as declaring something that is true to be untrue. If you are a denier, chances are you have employed the “stick your head in the sand” syndrome and stuffed down your yearnings so much that you aren’t even fully sure of what it is that you do want. Repression is typically the driving force with this mindset.


  • The Dismisser. When you dismiss something you deem it unworthy of consideration. If you are a dismisser, you have likely pushed your dreams aside and are probably easily influenced by others. Criticism is likely at the core of this mindset.


  • The Deflector. Think of Wonder Woman, deflecting any bullets flying at her with her magical wristbands and sending them sailing off into other directions. While Wonder Woman’s wristbands were meant to deflect the bullet in order to protect her, in real life, the typical mode of deflecting is to redirect what you don’t want onto someone else. If you are a deflector, you recognize your desire but try to pass it along to someone else. This known as “living vicariously” through someone else—most often a child, sister, or friend. Fear of failure is typically the driving force with this mindset.


Maybe you’re none of the above. Perhaps you fill a 4th category of dreamers.

You are The Fulfiller.

A fulfiller knows exactly what she wants and goes after it. While this may seem like a great to go after your dreams, fulfillers often find themselves sacrificing their nobler qualities, their health, or their relationships to get what they want, or try to force things without any respond of God’s timing.

If you have recognized yourself in any of these descriptions, there is hope. You can submit yourself and your dreams to God. He gave you your dreams and desires in the first place (Psalm 37:4), so trust that He will bring them to fruition.

I recently wrote a book to help you get the desires of your heart met.  The Sacred Seven is a guidebook to helping you unlock the 7 desires that God has planted in the heart of every woman.  Don’t stay stuck another day in a faulty mindset.  Jesus came so that you could have abundant life.

Love and Blessings,


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