toxic thoughtsWhere Do Toxic Thoughts Come From?

Do you feel like your thoughts spiral out of control?

Do the same thoughts circle over and over again in your mind?

Thoughts come at us on an average of 60,000 per day—most of them that suck the life right out of you, by telling you things like, “I can’t do this,” or “Things won’t work out for me.”

While it’s normal to have negative thoughts from time to time, if negative thoughts aren’t dealt with properly, they can quickly turn toxic. And once toxic they affect every area of your life—your physical, financial, spiritual, and emotional health.

In order to manage your negative thoughts, it’s crucial to know where they come from in the first place. You may feel like your thoughts come out of nowhere, but that’s not true.

Thoughts come from three sources: either God, Satan, or you.

Toxic Thoughts Source #1: God.

Thoughts that come from God are life-giving and peaceful. Even the ones that are difficult to hear still come with a level of peace. That’s because God is life and His thoughts towards you are designed to build you up, not tear you down. So the next time a thought comes in that is filled with guilt, condemnation, fear, confusion or vengeance, you can eliminate God as the source.

Toxic Thoughts Source #2: Satan.

Satan is the master of lies and loves to plant thoughts into your head. His thoughts are designed to kill you, steal your blessings, and destroy all you have (John 10:10). So those thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere are likely from Satan.

If you don’t know Jesus than you are no match for Satan. The best way to defeat the lies of the devil is to believe what God says about you. But first you have to know God. How can you detect a lie if you don’t know the truth? And to know God is to surrender your life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. So whether you’re a new believer who just gave your life to Christ or one who has been walking with Him for decades, the best way to defeat Satan is to surrender your life to Christ.

Toxic Thoughts Source #3: You.

Or more specifically, your past. Your past experiences play a big part in the thoughts you think today. And you didn’t have to experience a traumatic childhood to think toxic thoughts today. You could have had a series of minor incidents that weren’t properly processed. These improperly processed thoughts turn to feelings ,which produce further thoughts. Before you know it – voila! They’re toxic. Satan loves to feed off of your past hurts and thoughts. So be on guard. If you feel like a thought changes your entire mood, then Satan is at work playing off your past experiences.

So what are you to do with those thoughts that don’t come from God? While on some level it is true that you can’t fully control the thoughts that come in your head, you are responsible for what you do with them.

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