Unsatisfied With How Your Year Went? 5 Tips to Break Out of the Rut

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As the year comes to a close, we are often left with mixed emotions.

Many people will have regrets about how their year is ending. Even if you had a ‘good’ year, there can be lingering feelings of disappointment that can keep you stuck.

Even if you start the year with strong goals, chances are that as the months tick by, you are likely to make choices that quiet your fears instead of fueling your faith. While that may seem like the prudent thing in the moment, when you get to the end of the year and look back, it is likely to leave you feeling unfulfilled.


So how do you move past that unsatisfied feeling and break free from the rut of unfulfilled dreams?


Rut buster #1: Process your emotions.

Emotions are not just for ‘sensitive’ people.  God has given us all emotions. And emotions are strong indicators of what’s going on inside of us. Don’t be tempted to override your emotions with ‘positive talk’ or cover them up with distractions—both tactics will only serve to add further fuel to the issue. Instead, journal what you’re feeling (or talk it into your phone) and ask yourself, ‘Why am I feeling this way?’ Your answers will begin to reveal the core issues that you may decide to get further help with.


Rut buster #2: Recognize the roadblocks.

If you headed out to a destination in your car and you hit a roadblock, would you just sit there and do nothing, indefinitely? I hope not. When it comes to working toward your goals, you will encounter roadblocks. What if, instead of complaining about these obstacles, you made a plan to overcome them? What if, instead of letting the roadblock stop you, you figured out a way to go around it? Not only would you get past it, but you’d also learn a lot in the process.


Rut buster #3: Change your thinking.

There is nothing that will sabotage your success more than stinkin’ thinkin’. You will only get as close to your goals as your thinking allows. If you’re the type to get in your own way, it’s time to overcome your toxic thinking and set yourself on a path to peace and success. My online course Overcoming Toxic Thinking is a four-week, self-paced course that will teach you how to win the battles in your mind.


Rut Buster #4: Make time for what truly matters.

You’d be amazed at the number of people who living life on auto pilot. They take the time to live up to others’ expectations and they put off what truly makes them happy. I’m in no way saying that you should live for yourself, but I am saying that God has planted in you desires and talents that He wants to use for your good and His glory. But if you’re stuck in the same old same old, how can He use you to advance His Kingdom? Here’s a question to ponder: If you only had 12 months to live, how would your life choices differ?


Rut buster #5: Find your why.

Nothing will break you out of a rut faster than a little motivation. That’s why motivational seminars are so popular. And while it’s good to get a dose of excitement from these events, what happens in between? You can easily find your own motivation without paying thousands of dollars by asking yourself one simple question: Why? “Why do I want to lose weight?” “Why do I want to be a better person?” Keep asking why until you discover that you are really not all that interested in the goal, or you are so stoked that you can’t wait another moment.


Take the time to work through these Rut Busters and you’ll be well on your way to saying 2019 was an amazing year of breakthrough.


If you know that God has a purpose for your life, but don’t know where to start, grab my FREE Inner Voice Guide to discover what God wants you to do with your life.



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