Avoiding Delays and Distractions on the Path to Your Destiny

Last week I had a day out all planned—I was headed to a routine appointment and then I was going to meet a friend for lunch. All was well until I saw the sea of red lights ahead of me and I got stuck in an epic traffic jam.


There are some delays we can’t predict, but this one I could have.

I knew this road was notorious for being backed up and I didn’t check the traffic report ahead of time. And what’s worse, this wasn’t your average traffic; there was a tractor-trailer blocking the entire road.


I sat stuck on the road for over an hour, causing me to not only miss my appointment but also lunch with my friend. I felt terrible.


What went wrong?

My intentions were good. I even had a plan and schedule to follow but they still didn’t get me where I wanted to be.


The same thing can happen with your life’s journey. You can dream and even plan but still be blocked from moving forward.


As you travel along life’s journey in pursuit of your purpose, there are some delays and distractions that you can plan for, and thus, steer around.

The comparison trap.

There are few things that can prevent you from fulfilling your purpose more than comparing your journey with someone else’s. Insteadof concerning yourself with where everyone else is, stay in your lane and keep moving forward. God has created you with a unique temperament, passions, and giftings—discover what they are and let them guide your way.If you want to learn more about your temperament, grab your FREE “What’s My Temperament?” Guide to begin to discover how fearfully and wonderfully made you are.


Many miss out of living the life they were created for by thinking they either don’t have enough time to create it or have plenty of time to figure it out. Both prevent you from fulfilling your purpose.


Unforgiveness is like cancer. It eats away at you until even the healthy parts are contaminated. It pulls you in with its desire for vengeance and prevents your life from moving forward. Whatever it was that hurt you, let go of the offense.You’ll free yourself fromthe weight, plus God can pay back better than you ever could.

People pleasing.

There is no way to move forward in all that God created you to be if you are busy trying to please others. Most people pleasers can’t bear to have someone unhappy with them. Don’t miss hearing the wonderful words, “Well done, my good and faithful servant,” by getting caught up in trying to please people who will likely never be satisfied anyway.

Toxic thinking.

When negative thinking is left unchecked, it spirals out of control and becomes toxic. You begin to believe the thoughts and feelings that keep us stuck in fear and self- The solution isn’t just positive thinking but rather in challenging the truth of the negative ones.If you think your toxic thinking may be holding you back from all that God has for you, I want to invite you to take the FREE “How Toxic Are Your Thoughts?” Assessment.


Don’t miss out on living a life of purpose because of any of these distractions.

I encourage you to start today to address your distractions and set out to overcome them. I promise it will be worth the investment.

Want more?  If you want to find and fulfill your God given purpose, I invite you to grab a copy of my new book Make it Matter – A Roadmap to Living a Life of Purpose.