4 steps to Overcoming Fear and Living a Life of Purpose

Are you tired of being stuck and wondering what God wants you to do with your life? Do you look around and wonder why others are living a life of purpose when you can’t get out of your own way?

Maybe you think to yourself, “If I could just get over this fear of x, I could be more confident to be who I was created to be.” And you resolve that fear is the problem.

Well, fear does have a way of crippling you. It reminds you of all the things that could go wrong and keeps you trapped.

Does that mean that people who are living a life of purpose have no fear? Quite the contrary. Many of those folks admit that they have felt intense fear about honoring their calling. The only thing that makes distinguishes them is that they step out in the face of fear.

They do it afraid. And in doing so, they learn that moving forward even when you feel fear is the surest way to build confidence.

Here are the four steps fear-facers take to overcome fear and to live their life of purpose.


Step 1: They take one small step.

I realize this seems paradoxical since fear is what seems to be holding you back from taking a step, but fear begins to dissipate as soon as you take a step. Fear-facers know that the next step will become clear only AFTER they take the first step.

Step 2: They make friends with failure.

I don’t mean ‘frenemies.’ I mean a true friendship with failure. Think of your best friends: they support you and they give you amazing feedback. Failure does the same thing, only better. It can help propel you into your next success.

Step 3: They ask different questions.

Fear-facers recognize that it’s about perspective. While questions like ‘What if they don’t like me?,’ ‘What if I fail?,’ and ‘What if they see my flaws?’ are valid questions, they only produce negative answers. Instead ask questions that elicit positive responses, such as, ‘What if they like me?,’ ‘What if I soar?,’ and, ‘What if they see my strengths?’ Try it, you may surprise yourself.


Step 4: They get a mentor.

Fear-facers recognize that isolation breeds more fear. They understand the value of learning from those who have gone before them. Their mentor isn’t always someone they know. For some it’s an online mentor, a preacher, or even the memories from a deceased person. They understand the value of someone’s story who has been where they are or has gone where they’d like to go.

God has created you with intentionality. He has wired you for a very unique purpose. There is too much at stake to allow your fears to hold you back from living a life of purpose. Let the very fear that the enemy is trying to use to stop you, fuel you.

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What steps will you take to overcome fear this week?



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