How to Overcome Doubt and Unbelief


“I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”– Mark 9:24

Sometimes when you’ve been battling with something a long time, doubt creeps in. Even though you know that God is good, it’s common to wonder if God’s promise will ever come to pass.

For the last few years, my husband and I have found ourselves in continuous court battles with someone. Although we have done nothing wrong, this woman knows how to work the system. Even though our attorney had told us many times, “There is no way a judge is going to allow this,” she has been handed multiple victories from an unjust judge.

Time and time again, this wicked woman was awarded the most ridiculous of requests. And every time, our attorneys were baffled. Slowly, our trust in the justice system has eroded to the point that now, every time someone says, “They shouldn’t allow that,” we just chuckle and think, “Yeah, they shouldn’t, but they do.”

It’s bad enough when you have a wicked person continually trying to do evil against you. But when the courts are allowing it, you can’t help but wonder, where’s the justice?

It took me some time to realize that this had gone on for so long that doubt had crept in. I had begun to wonder if God would even show up, or if this would just be our cross to bear.

Are you going through a similar trial?

Perhaps you’re wondering when that family member will be saved. Or maybe you’ve done all you know to do to make your business succeed. Or you’ve tried everything you can think of to start a family. Yet, despite your efforts and your faith, nothing changes.

Well, I have good news. God never changes. So the problem is not with Him. It’s us. I hope you can see the hope in that statement. If God were constantly changing and we had to keep figuring Him out, we’d be at a total loss. But since His Word is the one constant factor in this world, you can look to other variables.

Here are the 4 keys to overcoming doubt and unbelief.

Faith Key #1: Stop overthinking.

If you are the type to constantly jump to the negative or run the ‘what if’s’ over and over in your mind, you will think your way right out of faith. God’s promises rarely make sense, but never does He require us to use our reasoning to trust Him. His Word is truth, so line up your thinking with His Word and you’ll be back in the faith game in no time.

Faith Key #2: Recall what He’s done before.

Has God delivered you from a sticky situation? Have your bills been paid when there seemed to be no way? God didn’t save you just to drop you. If He’s not doing what you’re praying for, He might be trying to do something IN you first. Hang on to what He’s done in the past and remind yourself that if He did it before, He will do it again.

Faith Key #3: Block the negativity.

It’s hard to stay in faith when there is constant negativity around you. Even Jesus banished the crowd when he healed the ruler’s daughter because of their lack of faith (Matthew 9:24). Ifyou’re constantly letting in negativity or lies, you will never overcome doubt. But if you allow the word of God to build up your faith, doubt and unbelief will be crowded out.

Faith Key #4:Only believe.

Yes, belief is a choice. Just because you ‘feel’ doubtful, it doesn’t mean you need to remain there. In every situation you will have the choice to believe or not believe. It’s easier to choose belief when you stop looking to your circumstances and you keep your eyes of Him.

If you let it, unbelief can be a faith killer. If you want to live a life of faith, you have to be desperate enough to push through.

God DOES want to bless you.

God DOES want to deliver you.

So as my husband and I still await victory in the court system, our new motto is “God, I don’t know how, I don’t know when, I just know that you will.”

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