3 Dangers of Declarations

We’re taught to think like God.  We’re told to talk like Jesus. So it would make sense to declare that which God declares since we are his workmanship.

Does saying I decree or I declare before a statement automatically make it true? Can we “claim” something that isn’t ours?

When we expand Romans 4:17 we see that it says “I have made you a father of many nations” in the presence of Him whom he believed—God, who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they did;

It says GOD calls those things that are not, as though they were.

So there are dangers when it comes to making declarations that are not ours to make.

Danger #1. Your jurisdiction is off.

God has given us power over many things.  Power over sin, power over the enemy, power over the flesh, but power and authority are different.

I may be able to physically overpower a police officer but he/she will have ‘authority’ over me. We may have the power to speak declarations boldly but we don’t have the authority to change God’s will.

To stay out of the danger zone, we would do well to submit to God’s sovereignty.  Making our requests to him and leaving the rest in his authority.

Danger #2. Your faith is off.

Many who make declarations will attest to having rock-solid faith….until….their declaration doesn’t come true.

I have had countless Christians come to me and say, I’ve been believing that God will heal me, I’ve been confessing that my marriage will work out, I’ve been declaring prosperity over my life but I’m still sick, my husband left and I can’t pay my bills, now I don’t have faith.

The problem always comes down to this. Is your faith in God or is your faith in the declaration? Many times we get it in our minds that God was supposed to answer us in a certain way by a certain time and our faith holds strong….until…

That’s not faith, that’s simply being positive. Positive declarations don’t make it so, any more than declaring that I am a car makes it so.

Just because you say so doesn’t make it so.  It has to BE so.

Danger #3. Your motives are off.

When our decrees and declarations are denied, that’s when you see the true heart and motive behind the so-called “prayer”

Technically, there is nothing wrong with making a declaration.  A declaration simply means we are making know what we already know. And Declarations that speak forth God’s truth are biblical. Declarations that announce what you would like to happen and expect to happen are not.

For example “My God will provide for all of my needs” is a biblical declaration.  “I declare this job is MINE” is not.  The difference in the declaration is the motive.  When our desire leaves little room for God’s perfect will, we’re slipping into dangerous territory.

But if your declarations are based on God’s truth, you’re on solid ground.

It’s all in the motive my friend.  If we believe that God’s will is perfect, if we believe that he is sovereign, then we can boldly come before his throne and ASK for what we want.

God gave us authority but not authority over everything.  We often get in and pray with pride instead of humility. And quite honestly, I don’t even think it’s praying so much as it is encouraging yourself and impressing those listening.

So, Instead of declaring “In the name of Jesus, I declare this job is mine” try asking “Lord, I ask that you would grant me favor in the eyes of this employer and bless me with this job opportunity if it is your will”

This is more in line with how Jesus taught us to pray.

As parents how would you like your children to ask for things?  Do you prefer Susie to come barreling downstairs in a loud booming voice saying, I declare that you will make me waffles for breakfast or would you prefer “Mom, I’d love it if you’d make me waffles.”

Many years ago I had a questionable business partner who would walk around the office all day declaring “I am rich” “I am successful” “I have money flowing in” or “There are dozens of checks in the mailbox”

He called these ‘biblical declarations’.  Meanwhile, I was the only one running the business and getting stuff done.

Fast forward 15 years and thankfully I’m no longer involved with such a person and from what I can see he is still leeching off of others and still declaring.  I guess he thinks that’s faith.

Yes, Our words have power. Proverbs 18:21 says Death and life are in the power of the tongue.  But let’s be sure that our words are in careful alignment with HIS word.

I get it, saying “ I decree and declare” sounds super spiritual but I’d rather be scriptural, how about you?  Do you think Christians have the authority to decree and declare anything they want?


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