6 Ways to Start a Ministry at Home

Do you long to be used by God but think, how?

I’m a stay-at-home mom.

I don’t have a big platform.

I work full time.

The good news is, you don’t need to have a preaching platform or a mega church to have a ministry.

God has give you a unique personality, unique experiences, unique talents AND  a unique calling.


If you’ve been feeling the pull to do what you can with what you’ve got, here are six ways you can start a ministry right from your home plus some valuable resources that you can use to get started right away.


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Ministry option#1. YouTube channel

Love to be on camera? Then YouTube is for you.

Even if you’re a bit camera shy, it’s possible to break past the initial fear and spread your message through video.  It’s even possible to do faceless videos. Video is one of the fastest growing platforms and YouTube is the second largest search engine next to google.

So what better way then starting your own Christian YouTube channel to spread your message.

I get it, YouTube can be so overwhelming that many don’t even start.  Thankfully people like Allen Parr at Creators for Christ have made it simple.

Allen has a comprehensive program called Creators for Christ.  His online online course will help you launch your own Christian YouTube channel.  Whether your desire is to take your talent online or spread the Good News, Creators for Christ will help you dial in your message, find the right equipment  and give you step by step instructions on how to start and grow your channel.

Check out Creators for Christ here.

Ministry option#2. Podcast

Got the gift of gab, but don’t want to be on camera?  A podcast may be the best way to broadcast the message burning on your heart.  Podcasts are growing in popularity and have quickly replaced radio.

Podcast formats vary greatly so the platform is your oyster.  Podcasts can be solo or with a guest, they can be short or long.  In essence, podcasts can be whatever you want.

If getting your message out through podcasting feels like the right step for you, you have to check out Spark Media Ventures.  Their program helps get you started in ’sparking’ your message for the Kingdom.  They cover everything from finding your niche to uploading your first episode and everything in between.  You will not be left wanting for support from this group.

Click here to learn more about Spark Media Ventures

Ministry option#3. Blog 

Maybe the thought of showing up on camera or talking into a microphone into the abyss is dreadful to you, but God has given you the gift of writing.

A blog is a easy and effective way to get God’s message out in to the world.  Granted there are over 100,000 Christian blogs alone on the internet, there is a tremendous need as many people go to google before they go to God.

Even if you don’t have a writing gift, don’t give up the dream to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard).  There are many (including myself) that have a message and need to recruit help in the editing.

Maybe you even have the dream to write a book.  A blog would be a great place to start and test your ideas.

Simply get yourself a website domain like WordPress and start sharing!

A great resource for unleashing your inner writer is CompelCompel is an online writing program by Proverbs 31 Ministries.

Ministry option #4. Start a Home church

You don’t have to be a big name pastor with a fancy degree to do mighty things for God’s Kingdom.

The early church was started with a rag tag team that gathered together in each other’s homes.

The disciples didn’t compete over attendance each week.  Instead, they held firm to the great commission.  Their heart was to lead others to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and equip them to do the same.

Many today are seeing the value of smaller gatherings. Francis Chan who was once a pastor of a mega church before stepping down, speaks frequently on the importance of small home gatherings that grow, divide and multiply.

Home churches aren’t about attendance growth, they’re about discipleship growth.

As your home church grows, you can encourage others to start a church in their home and so on and so on.

And starting is easy, just start by inviting friends and family and watch what God will do through a yielded vessel.

Ministry option #5. Start a life group

Have you been wishing your church would start a life group for people like you?  Churches can’t always accommodate every single person’s preferences, but you can.  Instead of getting upset that you can’t find a group, start one.  If you don’t like to do things alone, start it with a friend.

Life groups can be centered around anything; there’s life groups that hike, others that bike.

I even hosted a life group that did trapeze.  The gathering was centered around the concept of ‘letting go’…get it?

Your life group can be anything you want.  Whether is bible study or activity related, God has given you unique talents and desires, so let your imagination run wild.

Ministry option#6. Promote a product

Got a creative gift and don’t know how to put it to work for the Kingdom?  You could create your own line of apparel, jewelry, art…you name it, the possibilities are endless.

With platforms like Amazon and Etsy, you no longer have to have brand deals to get your products to consumers.

There are companies like Tee Spring that provide the apparel and you just simply need to create your designs and share your creation with the world.  It’s that easy.

A friend of mine started a line of “His” apparel and accessories.

The logo is unique and a conversation starter.

Like my friend, you too can bring forth your message and spark conversations with unique products that people use every day.

There are countless ways you can do ministry right from the comfort of your  home.

What ideas do you have to start a ministry?  We’d love to hear from you.

Did you know there are people in the bible, just like you, with unique talents and temperaments and they all served a mighty purpose….just like you do.

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