6 Signs of a Good Christian Counselor

So you are going through a rough patch and you think you might need some help?  Perhaps you’re struggling in a toxic relationship or you just suffered a bad breakup or maybe your negative thinking is finally catching up with you or perhaps, you just need a little direction for your next steps in life.

You want help but you also want someone who aligns with your faith. That’s where a Christian counselor can help. But like, in every profession, there are good ones, not-so-good ones. So, how do you know?

Well, today I want to talk to you about how you can find yourself a solid Christian, counselor to help you in your time of trouble.

But first, I want to share with you the six signs to indicate a good Christian counselor.

Now, I’m not just talking about the basics that all counselors need like the ability to listen and empathize or even professionalism like punctuality and boundaries. I am talking about the signs that are necessary to help you experience growth and breakthrough. Now, I want you to keep in mind that these are indications of a good counselor. These are not a guarantee, but these signs will certainly give you the confidence to move forward in the right direction.

#1 – They always come back to the original problem. Once someone begins counseling, it’s not uncommon for other issues to kind of present themselves and it’s okay for it to lead to a tangent, down a little bit of a rabbit trail, or even seem like it’s going down an unrelated road, but a good counselor will always circle back. 

#2 – They’re realistic. A good Christian counselor knows that we have both positive and negative emotions and they are realistic about what’s going on inside of you. They don’t have this Pollyanna everything is okay, here, take this scripture and call me in the morning, attitude. They understand the realities and the troubles of this life and how sin, and these troubles can bring. And they are able to walk with you through that journey.

#3 – They know when to talk, and when to listen. Counseling is a balance and there is no exact formula. There will be times when listening is necessary and they’re going to be other times when the professional input is called for. Some not-so-good counselors will talk at you the entire session. While other not-so-good counselors will just listen to listen so much that they aren’t considered much more than a rented friend. A good Christian counselor knows when to listen with understanding and when to interject.

#4 – They promote Independence and dependence, as well as interdependence. A good Christian counselor’s goal is not long-term therapy. Now, while this is needed in some cases. It should not, it shouldn’t be the norm. It’s usually the exception because what happens in long-term counseling is it creates a dependency on the counselor.

You see, a good counselor will teach a client to be independent for himself or herself, but also interdependent in the relationships that they’re in. But at the same time, also dependency on God, not on the counselor. 

#5 – The Bible is their benchmark. Whether your counselor is an LPC, a licensed, professional counselor, or an LCPC, a licensed clinical pastoral counselor, if they’re claiming to be a Christian counselor, the Bible should be their standard of measurement over any other secular tool.

Now, it’s not to say that these tools can’t help but you want this counselor to speak biblical truth into your life. And there’s a difference between a Christian counselor and a counselor who is Christian a Christian counselor should have an understanding of psychology and be grounded in scripture. 

#6 – They’re willing to challenge you.  A good Christian counselor isn’t afraid to lose you as a client. So they don’t struggle with the temptation to just appease you. Yes, they understand that there are times when they need to validate you, but there are other times where they need to challenge you in order. Help you to break free from the mindsets in the patterns that have trapped you over the years.

I have had the honor to counsel hundreds of people to help them experience breakthroughs. But to be honest with you, I can only do so much and many of you reach out asking about Christian Counseling.

And that’s why I’m so excited to share with you that I have partnered with faithful counseling to help you find the right, counselor for you. In fact, Faithful Counseling is sponsoring this video. They are a network of licensed professional counselors who are able to connect you with the right counselor for you. They can work through phone video or messaging and in fact, they’re the ones that are sponsoring this video and I could not be more thrilled. I’ve searched high and low for an organization that I can feel good referring you to and I believe, now, I found it. I have received rave reviews from those who have connected with them and that makes me so happy. So you working with Faithful Christian Counseling is simple, just click here.  There is a small amount that goes to support Kris Reese Ministries at no additional cost to you.

In fact, when you click here you get 10% off your first month of counseling.  And once you’re on that site, they ask you some questions to get you started, and then you’re paired with the right counselor for you. And they have counselors worldwide in many different languages. And every one of their counselors is licensed by their respective state board in the United States and has over 3,000 hours of experience. Their rates are reasonable and they also provide financial support if needed while we do have to do the work necessary. And yes, Jesus is our healer. There are times in life when a little extra wise counsel is needed to get you back on the right path. 

So if you are looking for a good Christian counselor, go ahead and click the link for more information. Just remember, you’re not looking for perfection. Let God lead you on this journey. If you are wondering if you need a Christian counselor. I want to encourage you to jump on over to a few episodes ago, on our podcast, where we talked about the six signs that you need a Christian counselor.

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