How to Embrace Your Identity in Christ

Just be yourself. Just know who you are in Christ. It’s great advice, but what do you do when you don’t know? What do you do when you don’t know who you are? When you don’t know who you are as a person when you don’t know who you are in Christ. What is actually, your head knows, but your heart didn’t get the memo.

 We all struggle with insecurities, whether it’s consistently, or from time to time. And those who say they don’t have insecurities have likely started to tip the scales of narcissism and their working off of some phony facade, but for regular people like you and me, there are areas of our lives where we struggle with feeling inferior, or we focus more on our weaknesses than we do our strength.  

So in today’s video, I want to talk to you about why you’re struggling to embrace your identity in Christ. So how is it that so many Christians can know in their head what their identity is we know what the Word says, but it’s just not making that 18-inch journey. We’re not living it.

So, let me ask you guys, guys. I’m talking to the gentleman right now. Have you ever either dated a beautiful woman or been friends with a beautiful woman who was very insecure and no matter how many times you told her everyone else told her how beautiful she was. She just didn’t get it. She seemed to need this constant validation and then even when she got it, she didn’t believe you.

And now I’m talking to you ladies. How many of you have ever had a friend who maybe had tremendous talent but she was so down on herself that no matter how many times you or anyone else told her how talented she was, and she should go for it and she’s got what it takes. She stayed stuck waiting for just some magic moment to feel secure about her talent

We’ve all encountered people who no matter what you tell them, could know in their head with the truth might be but there’s something blocking them from walking in that truth. Maybe that person is you. Maybe you’re the type that gets rattled and reactive when someone claims or criticizes or insults, you or just even contradicts you and mediately fly into this defensive mode. And by the end of the interaction, you’re actually left looking like the problem. Can you relate?

So, take a trip back to Memory Lane with me, will you? In school, maybe in grade school, elementary school, you’re going to have one of the kids make fun of you. They make fun of something about you. Maybe it was your name or your close with a funky way that your hair twisted, whatever it was back then that was devastating. and it sent you the other to the nurse’s office in tears or the principal’s office in detention because you went into fight mode. The thing is, is you were too young to process such hurtful comments in a mature and rational manner and unfortunately, what happens is we stay stuck emotionally, even though we mature chronologically and when you’re struggling with significance with identity, any threat to your worst, is not going to get met.

Well, as a result, we tend to react in ways that are unbecoming.

So if you had reactions that you are not proud of but can’t seem to stop. It could be stemming from an identity crisis. And that’s why I want to talk to you today about three reasons why you’re struggling to embrace your identity in Christ and what you can do about it. Are you ready?

3 Reasons Why You’re Struggling to Embrace Your Identity in Christ

#1 – You are allowing others to determine your identity. 

#2 – You are a conformist. 

To learn more about how to embrace your identity in Christ continue by watching this video below:

You can also tap into my teaching on How to Find Your Identity in Christ here. 

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