10 Common Dream Symbols and Their Biblical Meaning

Did you know that God can speak to you in dreams? He did it on numerous occasions in both the Old and the New Testaments. While some dreams are direct and clear in their meaning, most leave us scratching our heads wondering, “what was that?”. Today, we are talking about 10 common dream symbols and their possible meanings. God often uses symbols and metaphors to communicate with us. Some symbols in the Bible include a lamb, a dove, and rainbow rocks. Before we get into these symbols and what their meaning is, I want to remind you that leaning on the meaning of symbols too much can lead you astray instead of towards God. The most important thing to keep in mind is the context. Symbols can have a positive or negative meaning and can come from God, Satan, or your soul, so focus on the context when looking at the symbols. 

Let’s dive into the 10 symbols and meanings. 

  • Bathroom Dreams

This often indicates a cleansing and this could be a cleansing of sin or simply from the filth that comes on us. Be sure to recall the condition of the bathroom. Was it dirty? Or was it refreshingly clean? Dirty bathrooms can indicate sickness or disease. And also, pay attention to where the bathroom was. What building was it in?

  • Being Naked

Being partially naked or fully naked represents a level of vulnerability. So, think of the context. Were you comfortable being exposed or were you embarrassed? Were you on stage in front of thousands of people or just one? Asking these questions will really help you decipher what is going on. This could be a warning from God to clean up an area of your life before He exposes it. 

  • People

This is one element that we most often misinterpret. We often assume that this person is real and can’t even believe that the dream is about this person. Most often, dreams are about you. These people can be literal or a representation. They could represent a position, the meaning of their name, or even how you feel about them in real life. The same can be true about dreaming about people that you don’t know. Faceless people often hold spiritual meaning. Sometimes, they can be Angelic, Demonic, or even the Holy Spirit. 

  • Weapons

A weapon represents an attack or even spiritual warfare. Look for the size and power of the weapon, and also, if it was being used against you. 

  • Vehicles

Vehicles can represent work or ministry. These vehicles can vary from bicycles, spaceships, or anything else. The bigger the vehicle, the bigger the impact. Also, recall who was driving the vehicle. 

  • Water

Water can frequently represent a move of the Holy Spirit. Again, it depends on the context of the dream. Rain can be a spiritual blessing. 

  • Hallways

Hallways frequently represent times of transition. So, when you’re in the hallway, look for things like light, darkness, turns, and doorways.

  • Doors

Doors in a dream can represent opportunity, new beginnings, or secrecy. So ask yourself, “is the door wide open, is the door closed, is it locked”? Was it big or small? Are you unfamiliar with where it leads? It could be a door to your past. 

  • Money

Money can represent a gain or loss of favor. 

  • Ex Partner or Person From Your Past

 This can indicate that you are slipping back into old patterns. Don’t worry. It’s not likely God telling you that you’re going to be back with this person.


  • Words

Words that sound the same but have different a meaning. As an example, when I was going through a major life transition, I needed confirmation. God gave me a dream where I was folding work clothes with my ex-husband and he was trying to keep the closet door open and I kept closing it. Now, this was confirmation to close the business and let go of the past. 

So evaluate these symbols in context. And remember it is the glory of God to conceal a matter. It is the Glory of Kings to search it out. Look at Proverbs 5:24 for an understanding of the three sources of dreams or in-depth teaching on how God speaks to you in dreams.

Remember, all things are possible with God. 

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