What Does it Mean to Make Jesus Your King?

Scripture refers to Jesus as king. Revelation 17:14 refers to him as king of kings. And this means that Jesus has rule over all, every ruler and every authority in the end. All other rulers will be conquered or abolished and Jesus alone will reign supreme. There is no one more powerful than King Jesus, but what does it mean to make Jesus your King? 

If you live in the United States like I do you have an idea of what a king does but you don’t have kind of direct experience of what it’s like to live under the rulership of a king and truth be told even if you did, it’s likely pretty pathetic in comparison to what the kingship of Jesus is like since his kingdom is not of this world. So it’s kind of hard to grasp the concept of what it means to make someone your king and if you have made Jesus, your personal savior, it’s likely that you spend time in prayer and reading the Bible, maybe with some degree of struggle. But if we’re truly being honest, we spend most of our time crying out to God. 

God, help us with our personal life and our situations. God, please pay my rent. God, please get me out of this job. But God, please give me this job. God, please get this person out of my life. God, please bring this person into my life. Oh, God. Please, God! Please, God please, and our prayers become a series of supplications rather than adoration to our King. 

Jesus was crucified and buried and raised from the dead to be so much more than our personal wish granter. He’s more than our private bail bondsman my friend, he is King and if you are a Christian, he should be your king. As King Jesus would rule on Earth with the perspective of Heaven, the entire Old Testament is in anticipation of this King. And this king would come through the Jews who would sit on the throne of David, oversee Israel and from Israel rule the world. 

Everyone anticipated this king, the prophets spoke of this King. You may know him, my friend as Savior, but I want to talk to you today about Jesus, your king. You see as king, Jesus has a kingdom. A kingdom is a domain over, which it’s a ruler sits and exercises authority. And if we are truly being honest, we really don’t mind calling him our savior, but we hesitate to call him King because we don’t want to be ruled over. 

We don’t want to be told what to do we want Jesus to help us when we need it, we want Jesus to guide us when we’re clueless, but we don’t want a yield to that dirty word submission. We live in a master of my own domain mentality but it doesn’t work in his kingdom. The kingdom of God is not a democracy, my friend, it’s a rulership. And when Jesus became your Savior, he sealed your eternity, but when he became your king, he now joins you in the here and now to be your ruler.

And when Jesus said in John 18:36 “my kingdom is not of this world.” He did not mean that my kingdom is not in this world. He meant that his authority doesn’t come from this world but rather from heaven, but in this earth, there are a group of redeemed, people that’s it, under Christ’s Rule, and they would follow his commands on this Earth and he wants to be the one with final say, over your entire life. 

The question is, “Will you let him?”  When you declare Jesus as king you are saying that Jesus has the final say, over all of my decisions. Not just the ones I agree with. Not just the ones that I like he is King over all. 

Now, if you’re more of the Savior mindset, then you are likely spending your time, trying to get Jesus to adjust to your needs. But when you make him your king, my friend, you shift from trying to get your prayers answered to letting him rule over every aspect of your life with complete authority. 

Instead of constantly asking God to shift and change you shift and change by asking Jesus is permission his direction and his wisdom for each and everything you need to do on this Earth. And when you submit to his authority, you say, yes, Lord, your will be done, you stopped fighting, resisting, and insisting, that things go your way or I’m not going to trust you, God. When you make him your king, my friend, you trust him for the outcome, regardless of what it is and that means that you don’t get to decide your fate on this Earth. That means that you don’t get to tell God how it’s going to go down. That means that you don’t get to pray against his plans and purpose and then expect things to go well for you. That means that you don’t get to pitch a fit when things, don’t go your way. 

Because my friend, when Jesus is your king, there is no your way. It’s his way he is King of Kings whether you accept him as your king or not, and when you come to Christ, you give up your right to be king of your own domain. Because all of it is his domain, “the Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof the world, and those who dwell therein.” Psalm 24:1

For when you make Jesus, your king, my friend, you are submitting to a rulership that has your best interest at heart.

So if you are feeling down, defeated, or depressed, would you consider making Jesus your king today? 

When you are trying to bring your old thinking, your old hurts, and your old way of doing things and demanding that your king validate you, coddle you, change your circumstances so that you can feel better. My friend, you have completely missed the point of a relationship with Jesus. 

Now, I am glad that Jesus is your Savior and he has washed you clean, but will you make him your king today and let him clean up whatever mess is left? My friend as a citizen of Heaven you are to follow your king. That means that Jesus is in charge, your disagreement doesn’t change that. Your lack of repentance doesn’t change that. Your whining and complaining, doesn’t change that he is King. He is the king of kings, and that is why I choose to follow and fully surrender my life, my decisions, my everything to Jesus, the king.

My friend, I hope you will do the same. So, what does a life of obedience to Jesus look like to you, if you are ready to grow in your faith, I want to invite you to grab a copy of our free Five-day Mountain Moving Faith devotional.  I’ll go ahead and go to the link in the description section below. Are your thoughts, giving you life, or sucking the life, right out of you?

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