Why Demons Won’t Leave

Struggling under demonic influence, but perhaps you’ve prayed and maybe you’ve even gone for deliverance. But still, those demons won’t leave. Why will this question causes many to become insecure and begin to doubt the power of God in their lives? On one hand. You can feel totally defeated, but on the other hand, I know your desire is to live free. Well, my friend. Is possible. Christ’s finished work on the cross wasn’t for half healing or partial Deliverance. He came to set the captives free. And if you were still feeling captive to demonic forces, there are a few possibilities for this demonic intrusion.

Let’s talk today about five possible reasons why those demons won’t leave. 

#1 – Your Unbelief.  If your lack of faith can hinder a miracle, so it can also delay your demonic deliverance and Matthew 17:14-17, a man came to Jesus to heal his boy and Complain to Jesus that his disciples couldn’t do it. And here’s what Jesus said. He said, “Oh, faithless and twisted generation. How long am I to be with you? How long am I to bear with you bring him here to me.” Afterwards, the disciples asked Jesus, why they couldn’t cast this demon out. And here’s what Jesus said in return, “because of your little faith. For truly I tell you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain move from here to there and it will move and nothing will be impossible for you.”

It was because of their lack of faith and most people don’t associate this scripture with demonic influence, faith is needed to cast out demons faith by the one doing the deliverance and the one receiving it. If either is lacking in faith, just call it off because it’s not going to work, and oftentimes during deliverance demons will whisper, in the ears of either both the deliverance minister and the one suffering in the demonic oppression. They’ll whisper in their ears something that is going to discourage you.  Oh, you can’t do this. This isn’t real. The demon is too strong for you. And if you believe that what they are saying is true, you lack faith, your lack of faith will hinder your deliverance. Your ability to be delivered is directly connected to your faith. 

You see if you go into deliverance with this, alright, let me see if this works attitude. It’s not going to work. You’ve got to have faith, not in yourself, but in the mighty name of Jesus to set you free.

#2 – Your lack of prayer and fasting. In the same conversation as your unbelief, we see in the Mark 9 account, that when the disciples asked why they couldn’t cast this demon out. Jesus said this, “this kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting.” Petitioning God and denying the flesh doesn’t cast out demons. It brings greater breakthroughs and greater levels of belief. So this not only refers to praying and fasting. When you know, that, you’re going to be casting out demons, but I believe it’s referring more to having a lifestyle of prayer and fasting.

Demons haven’t if the demons haven’t left my friend at war with courage, you go back, pray and fast. Because in the mighty name of Jesus, they got a flee.  

#3 – The door is still open.  The Apostle Paul warned the believers in Ephesus that they must not give place to the devil. You can’t rebuke a demon that you keep inviting in and sin is an open door to Satan’s demons. They have the legal, right to be there in the case of sin. So I want you to ask yourself this, “Is there any sin left in my life? Is there unconfessed sin?”

I want you to close that door. Hatred, perversion, gossip, lying, stealing,  cheating. These demons won’t go if they don’t see that you even have the desire to be free by letting go of this sin. And one of the most common reasons, the demons don’t leave is because of unforgiveness Forgiveness brings demonic torment. You have to decide for yourself today, if it’s worth it, hold on to this on forgiveness.

#4 – It’s not a demon. If you’ve repented, if you’ve cast out these demons and it still feels like you’re having problems. It’s likely not a demon. It’s a discipline issue or better put a lack of discipline. Proverbs 25:28 tells us that “a man without self-control is like a city broken down into and left without walls.”

There are certain things that God will not do for us. He will not do for you. What he instructed you to do if you keep giving into pornography. You can’t blame the demon. If you keep dwelling on negative thoughts you can’t blame the demon if you don’t control your temper, it’s not a demon it’s you, you can’t cast you out of you. And I tell people this all the time, you can’t cast out the flesh, demons get cast out. The flesh gets crucified. James 4:7 is simple in its instruction is to get Satan out of your life. When it says this submit yourselves, then to God resist the devil and he will flee from you. My friend demons get cast out, but the flesh gets crucified, you have to resist the temptations that the enemy brings your way. I get it, it gets more and more difficult the more you give in to these temptations. The more the demon seems to gain power in your life. But my friend God is faithful, he will provide for you a way out. You have to resist these temptations if you want him to play because I have some bad news for you. Even if it was a demon and even if it was cast out, your lack of discipline will likely reopen the door to the demon and his friends. The key to discipline is found in resisting. When temptation comes resist it and take God’s Escape Route.

When the negative thoughts come in, resist them and jump right into God’s word. When your circumstances discourage you resist and lean on God. Look I get it. It’s much easier to say. I have a demon that I’m struggling with discipline, but if it’s not changing, it’s likely your flesh that needs to be crucified. And this alone will help in your prayers instead of praying relentlessly for a demon to be removed. Now, you can pray and align with God’s Will and ask for help in your discipline. Demons have to bow to the mighty name of Jesus.

Demonic influence

But if you find yourself, still struggling, do this four-point check.

Do I believe that Jesus has the power to deliver me? 

Is my prayer life strong?

Have I left a door open?

Could it be a discipline issue?

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