4 Mistakes Keeping Christians Purpose-less


You are searching for the Christian purpose of life. You long to feel fulfilled in what you do. And of course, your ultimate desire is to hear those wonderful words, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

But why is it that some Christians try everything to find their calling and still feel purposeless, while others seem to just fall into it and flourish?

I’ve noticed patterns that cause Christians to find significance in life without selling their soul. And sadly they’re the things that most Christians are doing wrong.

Avoid These Mistakes to Unlock the Christian Purpose of Life

So today, I want to share with you the 4 purpose-wrecking mistakes to avoid at all cost, and how to fix them if you are making them so you can stop fretting and start stepping into the calling God has for you.

Mistake #1: Holding on

Did you know that one of the most common ways to trap a monkey is to place a banana in a cage? The monkey grabs hold of that banana and won’t let go, meaning he can’t pull his hand out of the trap. If he would simply let go, he could easily slip his hand out and be free. 

That’s how Christians behave when they aren’t fully submitted to the Lord. 

Are you holding onto something that is keeping you from living your God-given purpose? Maybe it’s money, fear, or prestige. Whatever it is, God is asking for it to be completely surrendered, so that He can have His way.

If you find yourself fretting and frustrated, it’s likely because you’re holding onto something and not trusting His sovereignty.

Mistake #2: Trying to be something you’re not

This is one that I believe is a BIG problem in the body of Christ. And sadly I have fallen victim to it as well. In fact, I wasted 11 months of my life purpose in trying to be something that others convinced me was beneficial.

My journey to purpose started with a desire to help God’s people grow in faith, but I had no idea how to express it. The problem came when I tried to model myself after others. In other words, I was trying to be someone that I wasn’t.

I let others convince me that soft and sweet was the way to be, that taking the safe road was the way to reach more people, that I needed to be liked, and so on.

I was all over the place. 

The truth is, I’m not really sweet, definitely not soft, I hate playing it safe, and it’s way too much work to be anyone other than myself! But I thought it was a good idea to take the well meaning but dead wrong advice of others instead of consulting with my manufacturer (as in, God).

All that time I spent struggling and striving to be something else when all I really needed to do was to operate in my God-given temperament and flow in my God-given gifts.

I want to encourage you to stay in your lane. It will be the only way you can finish your race. 

Mistake #3: Mistaking career for purpose

When I first stepped out as a Christian coach, my heart’s desire was to help others discover their God-given purpose. But in session after session, I would meet with people who were bent on finding the right career choice. And because I wanted to see them happy and successful (and not frustrated with me), I ended up walking that road with them.

Many of the clients I worked with did find alternative careers but it didn’t mean that they were living a life of purpose

Since those initial encounters I’ve recognized that there really are two types of Christians: those who long to find purpose, and those who believe career equates to purpose. 

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being in a career you love, but it doesn’t mean you’re living your life purpose.

In fact, most people who are walking in their God-given calling have very little emotional attachment to how they earn money for a living. Take the apostle Paul for example. In some cases he was supported by those he ministered to. Other times he made tents to earn money.

The truth is, your career isn’t your purpose. Yes, it can be an extension or expression of your greater purpose, but it’s not the reason God created you.

So before you go down this purpose journey, make sure you don’t mistakenly get off at the exit marked ‘career’ because you will have missed the point of purpose all together. 

Mistake #4: You’re waiting for a sign

God rarely speaks in neon signs and grand, sweeping gestures. He will not smack you over the head with a 2×4 to give you clarity. 

Instead, He wants his children to grow in wisdom and to seek Him for guidance.

So, if you are the type to stay stalled in a purpose-less life because you’re waiting for God to send a clear and obvious sign, you may be waiting a long time.

Even many of the Christians who do get clear signs, don’t even act on them.

Yes, pray for guidance, but instead of staying stuck, step out and see where the Lord leads. Even God won’t steer a parked car.

Can God show up in great signs? Of course He can. He’s God. But this isn’t often how He operates. More commonly, He looks to take us on a Christian purpose of life journey. And the journey itself turns out to be more purposeful than the destination.

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