3 Signs God is Saying It’s Time to Let Them Go

What if I told you there are people that God actually wants you to walk away from by removing toxic people from your life? I want to give you the proof you need and the clarity you’ve been craving because there are absolutely people that God wants you to avoid in life…not endure.

And if you hear anything, I want you to hear this: There is a big difference between a troubled soul and a toxic influence

And with that, let’s dive in!

Here are the 3 Signs God is Removing Toxic People from Your Life!

Sign #1: Influence

Whether the person you’re dealing with is a totally bad influence, and everyone else can see it, or they’re just bad for you, it’s highly likely that God does not want this person in your life. There are people that are meant for your harm! These are the kind of people who work their way into the confidence and home’s of vulnerable women burdened with the guilt of sin and controlled by various desires.

Here’s the hard truth: Not everyone in your life has honest motives or good intentions. Stop thinking it’s okay for someone to manipulate you for their personal gain!

If someone is disrespecting your values or leading you down a path that God has already delivered you from, then I want you to take a serious look at the relationship and ask yourself if this person is good for you. Could the actual truth be that you’re so lonely that you’re afraid to leave…and be by yourself? Think about it.

Sign #2: There’s No Repentance

We all hurt each other from time to time, but the mark of a good relationship is not measured by the lack of mistakes, but by the quickness and the quality of our repentance. When someone refuses to admit where they’ve gone wrong or gives a hollow apology – this is not someone that you should give your trust to.

If you’re struggling with letting people go and with being okay when others aren’t okay with you, there’s a good chance you might be dealing with codependency. It’s such a pervasive problem in the body of Christ, that I actually developed an online program called Conquering Codependency. Check it out.

Sign #3: Abuse

Don’t keep falling for the misconception that we are somehow called to bear under abuse as some sort of Christian responsibility to be the love and the light. I spoke extensively about the 10 Clear Signs You’ve Been Abused By a Narcissist and I want to encourage you to watch that video if you haven’t already.

I want you to understand and discover what abuse truly looks like. It’s very important to find the help and the healing that you’re going to need to recover from the abuse, the trauma, and the collateral damage that is left behind in these situations.

The Lord can heal more in minutes than a lifetime of counseling, but sometimes God actually wants us to walk through this journey with someone who can start us on that healing journey.

Sign #4: They’ve Already Left You

Ok, I know I said ‘3 Signs’, but I need to cover just one more. This one is huge, my friends.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen God deliver someone out of the hands of a toxic, dysfunctional relationship only to have that person, weeks, months, or even years later, wonder if they should be going back to this person!

With our big hearts, we Christians fall for the misconception that remaining feelings must be a sign from God, leading us back, but don’t fall for it! God is removing toxic people from your life for a reason and you want to keep them out! Think you can still be friends? Not the case!

If God truly wanted this person back into your life (in any capacity), you’d experience perfect peace and crystal clarity. There would be ZERO confusion and a deep knowing, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that both you and this other person have changed for the better.

Only then can you even begin to restore a relationship under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

What signs have you received from God for removing toxic people from your life that it might be time to say goodbye for good? Find me on Instagram or Facebook and share in the comments! Who knows who you might be helping by sharing!?

Need more help navigating whether someone in your life is toxic or not? Download my FREE Survival Guide for dealing with toxic people and learn how to stand up for yourself using key biblical confidence-building principles.

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