What God Will Do to the Narcissist When He’s Had Enough

Does it seem like the narcissist in your life just skates by and gets away with their manipulative, destructive behavior, almost like they’re somehow immune to justice? Many wonder, how will God judge a narcissist and why god isn’t taking any action against a narcissist.

Today, I want to give you the clarity you’re craving about why God’s justice might seem a little slow, and EXACTLY how God deals with issues of pride, manipulation, and deceit.

My friend, stick with me, because by the end of our time today, your wavering faith WILL be strengthened.

So Here We Begin with How Will God Judge a Narcissist and Why God’s Justice Might Seem Slow!

There’s a character in the bible that always reminds me of God’s justice. Perhaps you know her from the books of 1 and 2 Kings. She was a Phoenician princess who was the wife of Ahab, king of Israel. Her name was Jezebel.

Jezebel was a spiteful, wicked, manipulative, malicious woman who presented as charming and attractive and who at times played the victim.

Sound like anyone you know?

Narcissists are notorious for putting on the performance of being everything you need. But beneath the surface, they are self-centered, immature, entitled brats who will stop at nothing to get what they want.  

Jezebel was infamously known for promoting the worship of Baal, a Canaanite deity, in Israel, directly opposing the worship of God. She was also famous for her role in the persecution of the prophets of God, including the murder of Naboth, simply because her husband wanted his vineyard.

In our lives, she’s the mother who seems to get away with her constant abuse. She’s the woman at the office who has the boss fooled into thinking she’s a team player. 

But SHE doesn’t need to be a SHE. 

This Jezebel behavior is no respecter of genders. In fact, there are some predictable patterns that I want you to start looking out for–patterns you might otherwise miss if you’re focused on fear and frustration.  

For starters: God will not tolerate idolatry and falsehood.

Jezebel’s promotion of Baal worship and her attempts to suppress the worship of God represent the pinnacle of how the narcissist operates.

Like Jezebel, narcissists create false images and exalt themselves at the expense of others.

God hates idol worship. Let’s go back to Exodus 20. It says, ’You shall have no other gods before me.’

The narcissist’s carved image is their mirror because narcissists worship themselves. They exalt themselves and anything they desire above God.  

Don’t be fooled my friend, they’re not content with just worshipping themselves. They need YOU to worship them too.

Do you ever wonder why things always go south when you raise an issue or express a concern or dislike about them? Their ego is as fragile as that mirror.  

And just like God warned the people of Israel in Deuteronomy 6 not to follow other gods, just like He also sent warnings to Jezebel, He will also send warnings to the narcissist.

You can always expect God to be merciful and give us chance after chance.

In His next phase, God will send warnings.

Jezebel’s fate didn’t have to end the way it did.

Narcissists (and all of us for that matter) are given chance after chance, warning after warning to turn from our ways.    

How many times did God have to tug on your heart before you answered the call?  

If we heed those warnings, it can lead to repentance and restoration.

If we ignore them, we head for destruction, full steam ahead.

And that’s exactly what He did for Jezebel. Elijah and other prophets were sent to stand up to her. But instead of heeding their warning, what did Jezebel do? She set out to destroy Elijah. 

Once narcissists feel betrayed or scorned by you, their attempts at revenge will be relentless.  

But God is faithful. It’s not His will that any should perish, but all come to salvation.  

God will give ample opportunities for us to turn from wickedness and repent, oftentimes, by sending warnings through people.

This first ‘warning’ phase can seem very long for those waiting for justice and change. It’s even in this stage that many start to embrace destructive retaliatory efforts of their own and sadly wonder why things continue to get worse.

Unfortunately, many in this phase give up on God and hang up all hope before they reach the next phase, where God will bring divine justice.

Jezebel’s fate is often cited as an example of God’s divine justice. There is nothing that Elijah or anyone could have done to stop this woman. God had to intervene.

In case you don’t know the story, I’ll cut to the chase. Jezebel’s story ends in a gruesome manner as prophesied by Elijah: she was thrown out of a window by members of her court, trampled to death by horses, and eaten by dogs, leaving nothing but her skull, feet, and palms of her hands (2 Kings 9:30-37). 

This brutal end was a direct consequence of her actions and is seen as divine retribution to this day.

God will not be mocked, my friend.  

Jezebel’s story is a classic example of how the breaking of God’s principles and the persecution of His people will ultimately lead to downfall and punishment. 

That punishment may not be as gruesome as Jezebel’s fate, but it will be just–because God’s justice will prevail.

The truth is, every one of us, narcissists included, will eventually face consequences for our actions.

Frequently for a narcissist, this is done through a lack of supply, failure, and perpetual dissatisfaction with their life. (Which is why you see the narcissist getting worse with old age).

In other words, God will reach a point where He hands them over to their own debased mind and sinful ways. When that time comes, it can look like there’s no justice for you, but believe me, my friend, it’s torment for them.

Imagine living life constantly dissatisfied, always wanting more but it’s always out of reach. And the only thing that brings you temporary pleasure is the misery of others.

I’m not saying that your justice will only be in the form of seeing them suffer. I’m simply saying that their ‘happy’ lives aren’t as happy as you think.

Your justice is grounded in the truth that God will restore the years. God will use what the enemy meant for evil. God will turn your mourning into dancing. You just need to be still.  

I’m also not saying this so you feel sorry for them. They chose this way of life through their constant rejection of God. And now, they’re grounded in it.

They’re grounded in the misery and hatred.

They’re grounded in the constant unsuccessful attempts to fill their needs, nothing changing, nothing working.

My friend, that sounds like hell. Literally!  

And that will be the fate of a narcissist–living in a constant state of hell and torment in their mind.

But wait, it gets worse. The narcissist’s greatest need is supply. And they get this supply from the people in their lives. But after years of abuse and bridge burning, they are often left with very few people in their lives who will tolerate their abuse, leaving them alone and in desperate need of a narcissistic supply. 

And yes, they will consider themselves a victim and blame everyone and everything including you, but ultimately the fate of a narcissist is misery.  

I realize you may love this person and not want to see that kind of harm come to them, but the truth is, your enablement will not change their fate if they don’t repent.

Be encouraged, the names and faces of the narcissists may change, but God never will.

He’s no more intimidated by your narcissist than He was by Jezebel.

I can assure you, the narcissist will not “get away with it.” Not when God is your defender.

One of the ways narcissists pull you into their trap is through twisted scripture that leaves you wondering if you are sinning against God. That’s why I want you to watch this episode next for the four scriptures narcissists can’t resist manipulating you with.

I hope the story of Jezebel gave you the answer to how will God judge a narcissist and the wisdom behind it.

If you want to learn how to identify and deal with all the difficult people in your life, be sure to grab a copy of my Toxic People Survival Guide.

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