Are You Waiting on God, Or Is He Waiting On You?


No one likes waiting. We want what we want and we want it now. Yet as Christians we are constantly reminded to wait on God. It’s easy to say, but can be very difficult to actually do.

Waiting on God can be painful and the longer it takes, the worse it gets—you pray, you cry, you wait. Then you cry, pray and wait some more. But what if God is waiting on you?

God is a perfect gentleman. He will never force you in any way. If He’s not moving in an area of your life it may be because He’s giving you the opportunity to grow.

God’s ways are far above our ways. His thoughts are far above our thoughts (Isaiah 55:8). So if what you’re hoping for isn’t happening, it may be a sign that God is actually waiting on you.

Here are five signs that God is waiting for you to change before He delivers the things you’re praying for: