6 Signs That You’re NOT Living God’s Purpose for Your Life

Are you longing to fulfill God’s purpose for your life or are you exhibiting signs that you are running from God?

As difficult as this may be to hear, you were not put on this earth to be happy. That’s the bad news.

The good news is, you were put on this earth to do amazing things that only you are equipped to do. In other words, you were placed here to fulfill God’s purpose for your life.

How to know if you’re on the right path? What are the signs that you are running from God?

One of the things that I see often in my life coaching practice is people who are searching for happiness, but happiness still eludes them. They long for fulfillment and joy, but they are looking in all the wrong places.

That’s because happiness is a byproduct of living a life of purpose. Purpose gives your life meaning and when you know your life has meaning, happiness radiates from within.

I know what you’re probably thinking right now, because it’s the same things my clients often say to me: “How can I tell if I am living God’s purpose for my life?”

Here are the 6 signs that you are NOT living God’s purpose for your life:

  1. Something is missing. People who are not living their purpose always have a nagging sense that something is missing. I know I did. I owned personal training studios for nearly 20 years. I was good at running a business and serving my clients. I made good money. But I always felt something was missing. That nagging feeling will never be quenched until you step out into your purpose.
  2. Work feels like work. I love the saying, “When you do what you love, you never work a day in your life.” Although it isn’t completely true—all work has some element of feeling burdensome. But when your work is not in direct connection to your life purpose, it ALWAYS feels like work. And who enjoys working all the time?
  3. You’re always confused. People who aren’t living their purpose are always doubting themselves, wondering if they’re on the right path. When you’re following your purpose, you KNOW that you are called to do what you’re doing. It may not always easy, but there is a sense of peace in knowing that you are going in the right direction and that things will fall into place if you keep pressing on.
  4. You ask everyone else to validate you. How do you expect others to know what’s best for you if you don’t know what’s best for you? You are the primary person responsible for you . The greatest progress you can make in your life is to understand what makes you tick. For more help, download my free guide “What’s My Temperament? Keys to Understanding Why You Do What You Do.
  5. You’re always frustrated. It’s an uncomfortable feeling to know that you aren’t living to your fullest potential. This is what happens when you settle in life. You may call it “being real” or “being responsible,” but the truth is you have likely settled for fear that your true purpose can’t pay the bills.
  6. You invest in things that give you no return. People who live their purpose are always investing in themselves. They find joy in learning and growing. But people who are not living a life of purpose waste their time, talents, energy, and money on worthless things, like gossip, shopping, and vacationing, etc. Not that there is anything wrong with these things (except gossip), but when they become the focus, you’re not living God’s purpose for your life. I remember a client I worked with was continually upset because his boss wouldn’t pay for a leadership course he wanted to take. My question was, “Why don’t you pay for it yourself?” His eyes were opened to the possibilities of being back in control of his destiny, and his own responsibility to invest in his growth.

Following God’s purpose for your life is extremely rewarding. When you commit to following your purpose, He takes care of all the needs that go along with it.

If you long to live God’s purpose for your life, you can begin here. Grab a copy of your FREE ‘Inner Voice’ guide and begin to discover what God wants you to do with your life. The world needs what only you have to give.

Signs that you are running from God include feeling unfulfilled, work feeling burdensome, constant confusion, seeking validation from others, persistent frustration, and investing in things that don’t provide a return. If you want to live out God’s purpose for your life, start by recognizing these signs and seeking guidance from Him.

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