How to Believe God’s Word Over Your Thoughts

If you're anything like me, you get hit with a half-dozen destructive thoughts, all before getting out of bed. Every day we have a battle going on in our minds. We are bombarded with thoughts that either give us life, suck the life right out…
7 Signs God is Trying to Break You of a Victim Mentality
How to Stop Overthinking
anxious thoughts

Lord Calm my Anxious Mind

Maybe your anxiety comes from worry and you lie awake at night running the what ifs over and over again in your mind. Or perhaps your anxiety is so deeply rooted from your past. And you jump from one thing to the next and a constant reaction…
important reasons to pay attention to your dreams

3 Important Reasons to Pay Attention to Your Dreams

Do you have strange dreams that don’t seem to make sense? Do you wake up and wonder, what was that all about? Dreams are more than just leftover stress or the effects of a late-night snack. They can hold tremendous revelation, so let’s…