Falling Out of Love


“I just fell out of love,” Emily said—she was determined to follow through with her divorce from Jake.

“How do you just fall out of love?” Jake responded with a look of defeat written all over his face. “I’ve tried and tried. I’ve given you everything, but all you ever focused on was your career.”

“Well I wouldn’t have to focus on my career if you were more motivated,” Emily said, with more than a hint of disdain in her voice.

I wish I could say that conversations like this are rare. Sadly, many relationships are built on circumstance, not commitment. Meaning, if a marriage works for both parties, they stay together. But if not, those marriage vows are worth little more than the paper they are written on.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Many of your partner’s frustrating traits are just part of how God wired this person. They are also related to the very things that you drew you to him or her.

We’re all born with a

5 Surprising Reasons Why You Have a Hard Time Saying No

Saying No!

Do you feel like you are causing hurt, pain and inconvenience to others when you tell them ‘no’?

People pleasing can seem like it is a positive trait, but when you consistently put others’ needs over your own, you become a source of guilt and anxiety to yourself. The discomfort these emotions create can be debilitating.

Many people-pleasers know they need to set limits with others, but can’t ever seem to find a way to say no—the worry over how they will be perceived or guilt over hurting someone’s feelings keeps them saying ‘yes’ when they really long to say ‘no.’

How to End a Relationship with a Narcissist

By Kris Reece, Counselor, Coach, Speaker

Narcissists are notorious for blaming others, so they rarely assume responsibility for their own actions. They have little to no empathy for others. They rarely see themselves as part of the problem and will only do enough work to get things functioning in their favor again (staying out of jail, keeping you in the relationship). But their actions are not genuine.

Many clients come to me wanting to know how to get a narcissist to change.

The better question to ask is:

Why Do Others Always Take Advantage of Me?



By Kris Reece, Counselor, Coach, Speaker

You’re a giving person. You like to see people happy, and you like it when they are happy with you. This is natural, isn’t it?

Yes, absolutely. There are many natural givers in this world—people with temperaments that love to give and serve others. Giving is an admirable, Christ-like quality—remember, it is more blessed to give than it is to receive.

But sometimes giving hurts. No one likes to feel taken advantage of. You may even vacillate between loving and hating this quality of yourself: If it’s so admirable, why do I feel like a doormat?

5 Secrets Only a Step Mom Knows

It’s no secret that being a stepmom isn’t easy. And if you went into this relationship like most people, you were blind to the difficulties to come–the moments and circumstances that seemed to strike you when you least expected it.

Even if you were one of the wiser ones who did their homework ahead of time, there isn’t enough shelf space to hold all of the books needed to cover each family dynamic. Most books and articles out there support a stepmom rolling over, stepping aside and praying that the years fly by and hoping that things change. They also encourage you to put this big stupid smile on your face and pretend that your lives aren’t being screwed up by a lack of proper training.

If the saying that every family is different is true, then the saying is doubly true for stepfamilies. As I am sure you have learned there are so many varying dynamics, and those dynamics can change in a heartbeat, for the better or for the worse.

What Shocked Me About Being a Step Mom

Being a stepmom is not an easy job. Many times it is thankless, emotionally draining and time zapping. You work so hard to help these children navigate through the difficulties of their situation, and then they forget about you.

Everyone likes to be appreciated, but if you NEED to appreciated; being a stepmom is not for you.

What shocked me most about being a stepmom was the children’s allegiance to their biological mother, despite how badly she behaved. Trust me, I’m not just talking a difference of opinion or personalities. I am talking about a woman who so maliciously does everything she can to get back at my husband, despite the fact that she stole money and cheated in their marriage. Her anger is covered in a façade of PTA meetings, fake smiles and heavily orchestrated sleepovers.